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Fix iMessage Waiting For Activation 2023

One of the most common problems that occur in the iOS is the “iMessage Waiting For Activation” error. There are many bugs in iOS which cannot be solved easily but this iMessage waiting for activation can be easily fixed with the below methods. iMessage is one of amazing feature of iPhone. in order to use iMessage, first of all, you need to activate it , but many people face error while activating the iMessage. when they try to activate iMessage then shows the error that iMessage is waiting for activation which is quite annoying !!  So, If you are also getting the same error then here you can find the solution. Yesterday I also faced the same problem which is quite so, I searched the internet and git many ways to fix imessage waiting for activation. Many of those methods are not working. So, here I’m going to share only working methods. These methods can easily fix th imessage error on iPhone X,8,7,6s,6,5s,5 running on iOS 9.1,9,8.4,8,7 etc.


iMessage Waiting For Activation 2023

iMessage Waiting For Activation 2016
iMessage Waiting For Activation 2023

Check out below step by step methods to fix imessage waiting for activation :

#1. iMessage Waiting For Activation Fix – Using Airplane Mode

Step 1 : First of all just go to your settings on iPhone.

Step 2 : Now just enable the Airplane mode from the settings.

NOTE : By enabling the airplane mode your device’s all connections will get disabled.

Step 3 : After this just turn of the iMessage and FaceTime on your iDevice.

Step 4 : Next step is to disable the airplane mode and enable the Wi-Fi.

Step 5 : Now go back and just turn on iMessages form messages.

Step 6 : Now add your working apple id to activate imessage successfully.

Step 7 : A pop-up will appear on the screen showing saying “Your carrier may charge for SMS”. Now just tap on ok.

Step 8 : That’s it you have successfully fixed iMessage waiting for activation.

#2. Fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” Using Apple ID

Step 1 : First of all just open the setting then just tap on Messages.

Step 2 : After this just tap on Send & Receive option.

Step 3 : Now you have to select your Apple id.

Step 4 : After this a Popup will appear on the screen you have to select sign out option form there.

Step 5 : After this just turn off iMessages from settings.

Step 6 : After some time just again login with your Apple ID.

Step 7 : After enabling the apple id just enable the iMessages.

#3. iMessage Waiting For Activation Fix By Updating Time And Date

Another reason that you are getting imessage waiting for activation error may be due to your device’s time and date are not properly set. So by setting up the correct time and date will help you to get rid of this. To change the time and date just follow steps.

Step 1 : Go to settings and select general from there.

Step 2 : There you will see Date & Time settings just select the set automatically option to set correct date and time including to your time zone. You can also change the date and time manually.

#4. Fix iMessage Waiting For Activation By Reset your router

Another fix to this error is by restarting the router. If you are using your Wi-Fi connection to activate the iMessage then make sure that the connection is working. If you are getting the error while on wifi network the just turn off your router and after 20 seconds and turn it on and then try to activate the iMessage again.

#5. Fix By Reset Location And Privacy Settings

Another way to fix imessage waiting for activation error is by resetting the location and privacy settings. In order to do so just go to Settings then tap in general and after this just choose Reset. Now just tap on Reset Location & Privacy. After this enter your passcode for confirmation. Now just follow the on-screen instructions.

So, guys, this is all about on how to fix imessage waiting for activation 2023. I hope now you can easily fix this problem by using above methods.  If you are facing any problem or know some other way to fix this error then just comment it below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends !!

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