How To Verify Facebook Page 2016

How To Verify Facebook Page 2023

How To Verify Facebook Page 2023: Well as you already know Facebook keep on rolling updates every day the one major update of last year was the Facebook page verification and profile verification with a blue badge. With the help of badge, the user can identify the real and page of celebrities and companies. This is one of best feature by Mark to protect users for fake profiles and pages of celebrities. As the presence on social media is become very important for celebrity, public figure or for any business to grow. So, they usually create their pages on social media. But everyone creates a page on the Facebook with any name. So, for example, if there are two pages on Facebook both named same then how will you identify which one is an official page and which is not ? In order to solve this problem, Facebook introduced this page verification system. So, here we have shared the methods on How To Verify Facebook Page ?


How To Verify Facebook Page 2023

How To Verify Facebook Page 2016
How To Verify Facebook Page 2023

Well If you are having well know the business brand,websites or you are a celebrity then Facebook will automatically verify your page. There is no need to submit any manual request for Facebook page verification. But if you don’t have such popular brand name or you are not a celebrity the how to verify facebook page ?. You have to submit a manual request to Facebook for page verification. So, here I’m going to share the working method to verify Facebook page.

Types Of Facebook Page Verification :

There are two types of Facebook verification is going on the way. One type of verification gives you blue badge on the page and another one gives black badge on the page.

Blue Tick For The Below Category :

  • Celebrities and public figures – sports, media, politics and entertainment.
  • Global brands and businesses.
  • Government Officials.

Which the black tick is for local businesses. This verification method is started in October 2015.

How To Verify Facebook Page With Black Tick ?

Well, this method is working in US,UK,Canada and Pakistan for the verification of local business pages.

Step 1 : First of all open your Facebook account and then open the page which you want to verify.

Step 2 : Now just go to setting of the page and change the category of the page to local business [Important] otherwise your page with not get verified.

Step 3 : Now fill up all information like about,found /starting date, enter the website also.

Step 4 : Add you a mobile number which is necessary to verify Facebook page.

Step 5 : Now go to info of page and copy the page ID.

Note : Only US,UK,Canada and Pakistan number will get the verification call and page will verify.

Step 6 : Now just go to below link and submit the request for verification.

Link :

Step 7 : Now just paste the page ID at the end of above URL and press enter.

Step 8 : Now enter the mobile number in Business Phone field and then click on call me now button

Step 9 : Now after some time, you will receive a call from Facebook which will give you the verification code.

Step 10 : Just enter the verification code and click on Submit.

Congratulation you are done on How to verify facebook page with black tick !!

How To Verify Facebook Page

Follow below steps to verify your Facebook page with blue tick :

Step 1 : First of all you need the following documents in order to verify your page.

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Passport.
  • Drivers License.
  • Articles of Incorporation.

NOTE : If your page belongs to above-mentioned categories then only your page may get verified.

Step 2 : Now just login to your Facebook account in which your Page which you want to verify is located.

Step 3 : Now fill up all information like about,found /starting date, enter the website, address and all other option. Don’t forget to complete About section. If you have an official website then must link your Facebook page box on it.

Step 4 : After this just click on below link to submit the verification request.

NOTE : If above links do not work for you then log out from your account and re-login using USA proxy. For proxy, you can use Zenmate plugin and then open the above link again for verification request.

Step 6 : Now a new page will open up on the screen just select your page from the “Select Page” option box.

Step 7 : After this just upload your scanned copy of documents by clicking “Choose Files” option.

Step 8 : After this, if you have an official website of the page you are trying to verify then add its link there.

Step 9 : Now the final step is just to click on Send buttons.

Step 10 : That’s it you have successfully submitted the page verification request. Now just wait for some time you will get mail from Facebook regarding the process of verification.

That’s it you are done on How To Verify Facebook Page 2016 !!

NOTE : We just collected these methods from the internet and we don’t provide page verification service. This article is just to give the ideas of steps to follow and documents needed for facebook page verification !

So, guys, this is all about on How To Verify Facebook Page 2023. I hope now you can easily verify facebook page or profile with black or blue tick with above methods. If you still facing any problem then just comment it below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends !!

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