Unblock Youtube 2015

How To Unblock Youtube 2023

Unblock youtube : Youtube is best source of entertainment by watching movies trailers,watching songs and other stuff, but unfortunately youtube is blocked at school, because they want students to study 😛 so, how you will watch videos on youtube at school ? It’s quite easy with the following best tested methods to unblock youtube Using these methods you will be able to open youtube at school.

While surfing online, sometimes we come across websites which can’t be accessed due to our location or IP restrictions. Have you ever noticed this type of problem while browsing websites? This happens usually because the owner of website restricts access of website to only specific IP addresses. Sometimes they also block IP ranges of whole country so that no one from that country can access their website or content. So, in this you need unblock youtube proxy to change your current ip address to some another ip so that you can bypass the restriction offered by school,college’s firewall using these unblock youtube 2023 edition :


How To Unblock Youtube 2023

Following are the best methods to unblock youtube at school. Check them now and enjoy it at school.

Unblock Youtube 2015
Unblock Youtube 2023

1. Unblock Youtube Proxy

Using these unblock youtube proxy, you can unblock videos that are not available for your region,unblock youtube at school, browse Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, anonymously explore adult sites and more. This list is a mix of many good web proxies, ssl proxy, unblock youtube and reverse proxy.

  1. bypass.germanystudy.net
  2. http://www.bypassrestrictions.com
  3. http://ukwebproxy.eu
  4. http://www.clickshow.org
  5. http://www.youfreeproxytube.com
  6. http://www.unblockersurf.com
  7. http://stardollproxy.co.uk
  8. http://imnotaproxy.com
  9. http://www.alinoorw.com
  10. http://proxy-spider.com
  11. http://proxay.co.uk
  12. http://unblock-youtube.pk
  13. http://bitcoin-proxy.com
  14. http://www.securebrowsing.co.uk
  15. http://torrent-proxy.net
  16. http://youtubeproxy.xyz
  17. http://arabytec.com
  18. http://freeeasyproxysite.gq
  19. http://streamingvideoproxy.com
  20. http://yrproxy.co.vu
  21. http://bypassproxyfree.com
  22. http://proxiessites.pw
  23. http://fastproxyforfree.gq
  24. http://lookhiden.co.vu
  25. http://ashiden.co.vu/
  26. http://proxy.ninja/
  27. http://misterbrowser.com/
  28. https://www.4everproxy.com
  29. http://collegeonline3008.info
  30. http://proxy.ninja/

2. Using Tor Browser

Tor is the best way to unblock youtube at  school. I’m also using this browser to surf anonymously. The best feature of it is that every time it changes proxy, use can also manually change the proxy if you proxy is caught by your school’s administrator. Tor browser is very easy to use you just need to install this browser and that’s it enjoy unblock youtube. Also at schools Tor browser’s official site is blocked but here i’m proving you the alternative links to download it.

Download : Tor Browser

3. Using  VPNs

There are many vpn are available on the internet to unblock youtube, but most of them are already blocked by schools. So, here i’m going to tell you the best vpn’s to use at school for unblocked youtube.

3.1 : Hotspot Shield

Download : Hotspot shield

3.2 : Private Tunnel

Download : Private Tunnel

3.3 : Express VPN

Download : Express Vpn

3.4 : Air VPN

Download : Air VPN

4. Using Hola Extension

There are many extension are available to unblock youtube and other sites at school. This extension is very easy to use and it will automatically connect your system to secured proxy which is not blocked by your school. Just download and install a browser extension form the below downloading links. After installing it don’t forget to turn it on After this you can surf not only youtube but can also all other websites !!

Download : For Chrome

Download : For Firefox

The best thing of this is that it can be used on android. Yes, you can easily unblock youtube on android with this extension’s android app

Download : For Android

5. Using Browsec Extension

This is the another best extension for unblock youtube at school. You can say it is alternative to hola extension but it uses different proxies.

Download : Browsec

6. Using Goolgle Translator

You can use google translator to unblock youtube for this you need to follow simple steps :-

  • Type into the internet browser address bar: google.com.mx (Google Mexico)
  • Type youtube.com or any other site that you want to open and is blocked.The results will be in Spanish.
  • Click on Facebook results link on the right on “translate”
  • Go into the address bar (will be something like this: translate.google.com/translate?h=es) and modify “es” with “en”. Click ENTER.
  • You should be able to get into youtube or any other site you want.


So, above are the best methods to unblock youtube 2023 edition. I hope with these methods you will be able to unblock youtube at school. If you need some help or know some other best method to unblock youtube then just comment it down.Feel free to share these methods with your friends.

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