How To Speed Up Chrome

How To Speed Up Chrome : Google Chrome is the one of best browser for computer. It comes up with a lots of features. It the also fastest browser that’s why 8 out of 10 people loves to use it. There are many features in the Google chrome that makes it better. Google chrome extensions is one among the interesting features of it. You can also play games on it besides it also allows the developers to develop and upload extension on chrome web store. Everyone knows the google chrome is the one of fastest browser. But it becomes slow after sometime and if you to speed up chrome then you are at right place. Sometimes google chrome starts lagging that which makes it slow also when you open too many tabs on chrome it becomes very slow and consumes more memory which makes it to crash. Also when you install too many extensions it slow down the performance of google chrome so, it need to be speed up. This is quite annoying sometimes when the chrome crashes due to its slow speed you might loss you valuable data. Hence in order to overcome this problem here i’m going to share some cool methods with which you can speed up chrome browser. So, check out some methods on how to speed up chrome ?


How To Speed Up Chrome 2023

How To Speed Up Chrome 2023

#1. Speed Up Chrome – Using Chrome Flags

Step 1 :  First of all open Flags settings by typing chrome://flags/ in the URL bar of Google Chrome.

Step 2 : There will be a lots of option you have to just search for Maximum tiles for interest area and set it to 512. By doing so it will increase the RAM availability for chrome so that it does not lags and it will speed up chrome !

NOTE : You can easily locate the option in flags setting just by typing it in find bar of chrome. To open find option in windows just press Ctrl +F and Cmd+F in Mac.

Step 3 : To speed up chrome by increase rendering speed of images in Chrome just search for Number of Raster threads and set it to 4.

Step 4 : Now in order to make web transactions faster in chrome by changing the protocols of SPDY. For this search SPDY/4 and set it to Enable.

Step 5 : To increase the speed of closing any window or tab faster just find Enable fast tab/window close and set it to Enable.

Step 6 : To make Google Chrome faster on touch screens computer, search for Touch Events and Enable it.

Now just restart you chrome browser to make changes !!

#2. Speed Up Chrome – Using Extensions

There are many useful extensions that can help you to speed up your Google Chrome. So, below are the best extension for chrome to speed it up !

In order to speed up chrome by closing the unused tabs automatically juts use this The Great Suspender extension. It will increase the speed of chrome by free up the RAM. Download it here

Better Browse extension makes web browsing on Google Chrome about 15{6692d0899169d8c8cfbd1f5df2086582c3301738f99f3382fe6008dc9bc3c863} faster by using some simple tweaks already mention in this tutorial. Download it here

#3. Speed Up Chrome – Using Prefetch Page Resouces

Step 1 : First of all click on the Chrome menu symbol which is located at the top right corner and after this just click on settings to open it.

Step 2 : In the settings just click on Show advanced settings.

Step 3 : Now just go to privacy options and select Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly.

Speed Up Chrome On Android :

Step 1 :  First of all open chrome and then tap on the Chrome menu to open Settings.

Step 2 : Now just tap on Advanced and then tap on Privacy.

Step 3 : Now just look up for Prefetch page resources option to speed up chrome.

Step 4 : There will be three options available on the screen just choose the desired one to make chrome faster.

  • Always: Chrome will always preload webpages even when you’re using mobile data. But this will increase the data usage.
  • Only on Wi-Fi : This will enable the prefetching webpages only when you will be connected on Wi-Fi network.
  • Never : This will disable the prefetching of web pages. If you are using limited data then enable this option.

#4. Speed Up Chrome – By Disabling Extensions

No doubt that extensions are the best feature of chrome. But these are also best pays best in slowing up your chrome !. If you want to speed up chrome just uninstall or remove the un – necessary extensions which consumes not only your data but also a lots of RAM.

  • Just type chrome://plugins/ in URL bar of chrome and disable the all unnecessary plugins.
  • Just type chrome://extensions/ in URL bar and delete the extension that are unnecessary.

#5. Speed Up Chrome – By Clearing All Browsing Data

Another way to increase the speed of chrome is that y clearing the all browsing data including browsing history, cookies, cache, download history, cached images, plug-ins data etc.

For this just press Ctrl+H on windows and Cmd+H on Mac to open history. Now just click on clear browsing data. When you click a pop will appear on the screen just select all the option and select from the beginning of time in Obliterate the following items from the option.


So, guys, this is all about on how to speed up chrome 2023. I hope now you can speed up chrome by using above methods. If you know some other methods or facing any problem in using above methods then just comment it below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends !

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