How To Remove Password From PDF 2015

How To Remove Password From PDF

How To Remove Password From PDF 2023: As you know today we are living in the materialistic world where everyone is suffering from tensions or any kind of stress which makes forgetting things very common. In this modern era, people love to create the data in the PDF files rather than conventional papers as it is easy to approach and also a secure one. But, sometimes we forget the password of PF file than how can we access them. So if you forget your PDF file’s password here is step by step method om how to remove password from pdf. PDF is the Portable Document Format which is used to make or share documents or books. It is developed by Adobe Systems.

Password protection is very good feature in PDF document. Usually, users add the password to PDF files to protect them from being copying or due to other security issues. These password protected pdf can be read or edited by the owner or user which knows the password. But, what if you forget file of pdf !! Is there any method to recover it? Officially there is not any method to remove password from pdf but there are many pdf password remover tools available on the internet to do this job. But most of them are malware, virus or fake !! Yesterday, I also forget the password of my important assignment so I tried different tools and method to remove password from pdf :


How To Remove Password From PDF 2023

How To Remove Password From PDF 2015
How To Remove Password From PDF

Method 1 : Pdf Password Remover Tool

So, below are the best pdf password remover tools to remove password from PDF

Step 1 : First of all download pdf password remover on your computer from below link.

Download : pdf password remover tool

Step 2: Now just install and run the downloaded tool.

Step 3 : Now just click on ADD FILE button and choose the password protected pdf file which you want to unlock.

Step 4 :  Now click on Start and wait for sometimes to remove password from pdf process.

Step 5 : When the process completes just open the pdf file which will be free from any password

That’s it you have successfully completed the how to remove password from pdf process !!

Method 2 : Remove Password From PDF Online is a free website which allows you to view restricted Pdf files which are protected with passwords. You can use this site to remove passwords and other restrictions like printing, copying text, etc from PDFs.


This is another great site to removing password from pdf. To unlock a PDF file click on “PDF file to unlock”  and then click on the browse button to select the password protected the file from your computer hard drive. Now just select the “I accept the terms and conditions” and then click on submit the file be unblocked successfully !! 

Method 3: Using Google Chrome

The fastest browser google chrome has an inbuilt feature of PDF reader. You can easily remove the password of pdf file without any tool with this trick :

Step 1 : Open the Chrome browser and now just drag and drop the password protected pdf file in it.

Step 2 : A pop up will appears on the screen asking you to enter the password of the file. Enter the password and hit Enter to open the file.

Step 3 : Now the next step is to choose Print option which you can easily choose from file menu or simply press Ctrl+P on Windows or Cmd+P on Mac OS.

Step 4 : Now just choose the destination printer as “Save as PDF” and click on the Save button.

Step 5 : A new copy of the pdf file will be created on the desktop which is free from password !!

So, this is all about on “How To Remove Password From PDF 2023“I hope now you can easily remove password from pdf file with this pdf password remover tool or with remove pdf password online method !!. If you are facing any problem then just comment it below !! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends !!

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