How To Hide Apps On iPhone 2016

How To Hide Apps On iPhone 2023

How To Hide Apps On iPhone 2023 : In today’s era security is top most priority of any person. Generally people now a days keeps their important data, pictures, apps, contacts, emails in their smartphone. Everybody wants top level security. By hiding the apps you can secure you data from unknown person. Many people want to hide games apps and other social networking apps so that their parents or children can never see installed games and apps. Can you hide apps on iphone ? Well the answer is yes.  But how to hide apps on iphone?. This question arises in everyone’s mind. With the great customization of iOS it also allows you to hide your pictures,apps,folder on our iDevice. There are many ways which will let you hide the apps present in your iPhone ? This question might be striking into your mind that how to do so ?. You can easily hide apps on iphone with some iphone tips and tricks. There are some methods with which you can hide apps without jailbreak and with jailbreak.


How To Hide Apps On iPhone 2023

How To Hide Apps On iPhone 2016
How To Hide Apps On iPhone 2023

Well there two different way with which you can hide apps on iphone easily !.With these methods you can hide apps from home screen. The third party as well as stock apps can be hide with these methods very easily. One method to app apps on iphone is the nested folders trick and the other one is total invisibility trick. So, read below step by step tutorial on how to hide apps on iphone 2023 :

#1. How To Hide Apps On iPhone – Using Nested Folder

Step 1 : First of all just Tap & hold the application icon until iOS app shaking mode gets on.

Step 2 : Now just you have to drag the app on top of a folder and wait for the folder envelope to open.

Step 3 : Now in order to make is harder for the unknown user to access you data or apps you have to move app to a secured place. For this just select one that’s on the 3rd or 4th home screen so that to make it harder to access also name it in such a way that unknown user do not open the folder.

Step 4 : Now create a new folder B and add older folder A inside it.

Step 5 : After creating folder inside another folder just move the app ( which you can to hide ) to the nested folder folder A . So that you can hide apps on iphone from the eyes of public.

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#2. How To Hide Folder On iPhone

Step 6 : After step 5th do the following procedure !

Step 7 :Now remove all the apps from folder B. But don’t remove folder A.

Step 8 : Now move the outer folder B to home screen.

Step 9 : Now drag Folder A out of Folder B to the bottom o iPhone until Folder B disappears

Step 10 :When you let go of Folder A while it is on the dock, Folder A will disappear as well.

That’s it you are done on how to hide apps on iphone !!

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#3. How To Hide Apps On iPhone Without Jailbreak With Jailbreak

If you have jailbreaken your iPhone then you can complete hide you apps, images and other data with cydia tweaks !! There are many cydia tweaks which allow you to hide apps on iPhone easily. But here I’m sharing only best one to do his job !!

Springtomize 3

This best cydia tweaks not only hide apps from home screen on iphone but also gives you features like : resizing icons, creating nested folders, changing fonts, and of course hiding unused app icons. To do this, just go into Springtomize and navigate to Icons > Hide Icons. From there, tap on the apps that you want hidden from the home screen.

So, guys this is all about on How to hide apps on iPhone 2023 ? i hope now you can hide apps on iphone easily with these above working methods. If you know some other ways to hide apps or facing any problem while using above methods then just  comment it below ! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends !

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