How To Get More Twitter Followers 2016

How To Get Twitter Followers

How To Get Twitter Followers 2023: Twitter is one of the best social networking site that is there on the internet. With over 1 Billion users this site is ranked #9 in terms of traffic. Here posts are uploaded in the form of tweets. With 140 word limit, people write and share their feelings in the post. People who are following the user can see their tweets. They can also re-tweet it if they find it useful or interesting. Nowadays people are usually concerned with their followers. It is because when someone follows you on twitter they not only can see your tweets but can also take actions that provide value to your business.

But unless you are the celebrity like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie you need to do a lot of hard work to get your first initial followers. So if you are one of that common man who wants to increase his followers and want to know how to increase them…….you are at right place. In this post, we will be providing you some tips and tricks on How To Get Twitter Followers In 2023. So check legal ways to do so.

How To Get Twitter Followers 2023

How To Get More Twitter Followers 2016
How To Get Twitter Followers 2023

#1. Update Your Profile Will Help You To Get Twitter Followers

It is one of the major step or action that you must perform in order to get more followers on the twitter. For this do :

Update your profile picture because people usually follow an account with a picture of it. No one is interested in you if you don’t show up yourself.

Fill your Bio completely with the correct information because people generally read the bio and then decide whether to follow or not.

If you are working in a company do mention in the Bio, you can even use an avatar of your company in place of the profile picture of yours.


#2. Tweet Regularly To Get Twitter Followers

Tweeting regularly is one of the main tasks that you must perform if you want to increase your followers. People usually follow those profiles that are active on Twitter.So post often. You should post a minimum of 2 posts on a single day. You can use tools like HootSuite which schedules tweets in advance.  One more important thing that should be kept in mind is that you should post tweets when people are most active because that is the time when people can see and respond to your tweets and may follow you.


#3. Create Interesting And Funny Tweets To Get More Twitter Followers

Mostly the people see the recent tweets and then they follow you. If your tweets are interesting and are funny then the people will be bound to follow you. But people will ignore you if the tweets are dull. Tweets with pictures generally get the huge response than the simple tweets so do include multimedia files in tweets.

3#4. Use Hashtags To Get Twitter Followers

Hashtags are the best ways of connecting with people that are having the common interest as you. Hashtags can be used in tweets so that the tweet which is related to certain cause shows up there and then people may find your tweet and will follow you thus increasing your followers.

hashtags#5. Link People To Your Account To Get More Twitter Followers

Linking people to your twitter account will increase the followers count. If you are having any website or blog add a button there which is redirecting to your twitter account. So if people are the fan of your site they will follow you so that they remain updated with the content of your site or blog.

link#6. Join A Twitter Chat

Every week people or group of people mix up together and they discuss on any one topic. You should participate in that chat and put your valuable feedback in it. Maybe someone gets inspired by you and start following you.

tweet_chat#7. Follow People With Similar Interests

Well, this may seem boring but it is worth doing. You should follow the people that are having same interests like you and then follow their followers too. So when people will see that you re following them and you are having same interests they will also start following you so that they can read your tweets.

twitter-follower#8. Use Popular Keywords In Your Interest

Once you know your interests you can use popular keywords of that topic and can use in the post. For example, if you are cricket fan search for those people who like the same team as you do. Reply to their tweets and retweet them if they are interesting. This will not only give you the attention to users but will also provide your followers new material to read.


#9. Unfollow The Non Followers

Keep a regular check on our twitter account because Twitter is having a limit of 2000 followers i.e if you are following 2000 people you can’t follow more unless you are having 2000 followers. So search for your account and clean those users who don’t follow you. I know it is time-consuming but you can use Twidium and FriendorFollow for this purpose.


#10. Buy Some Followers To Get More Twitter Followers

Well if you don’t want to try anything mentioned above then there is one simple option you can buy the followers. Yes !! you can do that, there are many sites which provide followers like word stream, devumi, intertwitter, twitterboost are some of the sites which can give you followers in place of money.


My advice: I recommend users no to go for the last method because there are many sites which do not guarantee to give followers, they may be fake.

So, guys, this is all about on How To Get Twitter Followers 2023 edition. These are some valid methods that you can apply and can get twitter followers quickly. If you know some more methods or are having some doubt feel free to ask for comments. Share the post with your friends if you like it..!!!!

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