Top 8 Best Video Converter 2022

Best Video Converter 2022 :  Now a days videos are becoming one of the best source of entertainment for all the people around the world whether it be young ones or old peeps all watch different kinds of videos according to their need. People use computes,smartphones, tablets,laptops etc to watch videos. These different types of devices support different formats of videos eg. MP4 ,MPEG,AVI,3GP,FLV,MOV etc. Therefore all these types of videos cannot be played on same type of  device by its video player. We have to convert the video to that type which is supported by that particular device on which the video is being played. So How can we convert videos into different formats ? Well the answer is very simple we can use video converter for that purpose.

Video converter : A video converter is a software that change the format of the videos from one format to other.They may compress the videos or may change the container format without changing the video format. They are very useful in that kind of situation in which we have to convert the video for different devices. But now here an important question arises that what are the best video converter 2022 ? ……I know you guys too must be having the same question because there are number of converters available in market that it becomes difficult to choose which one are best. Well fellas without taking much of your time here we present the best video converter 2022.

Best Video Converter 2022

Best Video Converter

Best Video Converter 2022

#1. Any Video Converter

Any video converter is one of the most powerful video converter available.It is available for Windows and Mac and is available in both free version and paid version.With easy to use interface it is having a fast converting speed and an excellent video quality.

It is having drag and drop feature i.e drag the files that are to be converted to conversion pane then select the output category and press the CONVERT button.

This converter supports most video files like AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, M2TS, MTS ,RMVB, AVCHD, MKV,QT,VOB,3GP,3GPP2 and many more . The resulting output can be transferred to both iOS and android devices.

We can download videos from online video sharing sites by using this software.

Best Video Converter 2015

Best Video Converter 2022

#2. Handbrake

Handbrake is a free and opensource video converter that is available for Windows,Mac and Linux. It can convert videos  for almost any format.It is having an sleek interface and is well designed. It can convert videos for devices like iPods,Android etc.

One main feature of this software is that it doesn’t show any ads or bundled malware.With this software we can edit videos,adjust frame rate ,add subtitles ,put effects in videos,queue multiple encodes.

Handbrake is not for beginners who are not willing to learn the software.

Best Video Converter 2015


#3. Format Factory

Format factory is typically a windows based software. It is having an easy to understand interface,It is having 3 options on its left hand side which allows us to convert and video,audio and even pictures in different formats. All we have to do is click on the video option choose the output type and them enter file and press convert it will convert the selected file into desired output.

Being available in 65 different languages it can also repair damaged files. It also provide shut down device option after completion of task.

It supports MPG,MP4,MP3,BMP,FLV,3GP,Ogg  etc.

Best Video Converter 2015

Best Video Converter 2022

#4. Media Coder

Media coder is a good piece of software which is available for Mac and Windows. Its interface is confusing at starting but is very straightforward if we start using it.It comes up with many customizable features for converting videos.We can batch a number of video conversions at a single time and can be sure that it will use less memory.

Direct audio extractor and CD burner are bonuses given in this software package.

Best Video Converter 2015

#5. Total Video Converter

It is one of the simplest and best video converter that is available. It is developed for Mac and Windows. We can convert a file or a part of it from one format to another. One important feature is that we can play files before converting them.

It supports AVI,MOV,MKV,MP4,WMV,MPEG,TIF etc.

Best Video Converter 2015

Best Video Converter 2022

#6. Freemake video converter

It is a software which can be used to convert between video formats,rip video or to create photo slideshows and visualization for music. It can also be used for burning DVD or Blue ray disks.

Its main features are: video editing tasks such as cutting,editing,rotating etc can be performed ,it supports 300+ input formats,we can convert videos online.

It supports AVI,MP$,Matroska,FLV,3GP etc

freemake-video-converter-23#7. Cloud Converter

This software converts videos files online i.e we do not need to download the software on our PC. This is very good for those who don’t want to download additional software for converting videos.In this users can select files from google drive or any online storage and can drag them directly into browser.After converting it will automaticlly email the user or will drop the file in their online storage.It also supports most of the video formats.

Best Video Converter 2015

Best Video Converter 2022

#8. Wondershare Video Converter

It is one of the best video converters that are available online.Being the fastest video converter it can also download videos from many sites.We can download ,watch,transfer,edit all types of videos.Supporting all mobile formats it can also play videos before clipping.

Best Video Converter 2015

Best Video Converter 2022

So friends, these were some of the best video converter 2022. Now it’s your time to tell that which among them are you using or will be using….Have any another best video converter in mind that we missed ….feel free to share them in the comment section below ! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends !!

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