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Top 5 Best iPhone Hacking Apps 2023

Best iPhone Hacking Apps 2023 : There are lots of iphone hacking apps are available on the internet. But many of those hacking apps are the virus and some are fake. So, how will you find best iphone hacking apps. I was also searching for android hacking apps because I also have much interest in this field ! These hacking apps work on iphone 6s,6,5s,4 running on iOS 9,8,7,6 etc. These apps require the jailbreak iPhone. With these hacking apps for iphone, you can hack wifi also !! There are many Cydia tweaks for hacking and customization of iphone. By using these tweaks you need to jailbreak your device. Jailbreak allows you to install the Cydia tweaks for the customization of you iPhone. Usually, Apple does not allow much customization on iOS. So, it people does jailbreak to take the taste of extra customization and advanced iOS features and can do hacking with these best iphone hacking apps 2023 edition.

Cydia is a just an application for iOS device which needs special access ( Jailbreak ). It installs some packages on you iPhone,iPad which gives you some extra features.


Best iPhone Hacking Apps 2023

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Best iPhone Apps 2023

#1. Aircrack-ng

Aircrack is the one of the best hacking tool for PC and now it is also available for iPhone !!. This app allows you to crack wifi networks to break the network securities. Using this app you can easily hack and Wi-Fi network which is in the range of your device easily.

#2. SpeedTouch!

The another app for hacking of wifi on iphone is “SpeedThouch” which is designed and launched by the expert developers. For hacking wifi you need to download a rainbow file of on your device using which you can hack any wifi connection. The ‘rainbow’ file contains tables which contain all the default WiFi passwords to Thompson routers which can be known by this Cydia app for wifi hack. After downloading the data now all you have to do is to hit the scan button and the app will search for and show you which networks can be hacked.

#3.  iWep Pro

iWep pro is easy to use one of the best hacking apps for iphone to crack wifi passwords. This is a simple app with simple UI which can be easily understood by everyone. You don’t need any programming skills to crack the wifi passwords. This app easily cracks the wifi secured with WEP security.

#4. WPA Tester by Paolo Arduin

The App also contains the default WiFi passwords of many routers which can easily crack with this app. To use the App you first need to select the router brand by hitting the ‘Scegil il router’ button, then select the brand of the router you want to hack, then enter the last digits from the SSID ( wifi network name) into the App and then hit the ‘Test’ button. You will then be shown the WiFi password which you can copy and paste into the password field in WiFi networks on your device!

#5. WLAN Audit – WiFi Hacker App Cydia

This app is also similar to other wifi hacking apps for iphone. You can easily crack the WPA an WPA2 password of routers which have not had their default WiFi password changed. This jailbreak app is easy to use. To use the App the will first need to download it from Cydia on a Jailbroken iphone, iPod Touch or iPad. Once you have installed it just open the app, hit the scan button and it will highlight the WiFi networks which can be cracked, just tap on the network you and then tap the ‘Copiar Clave’ (Copy Key) button an it will copy the password which you can then paste into the respective network in WiFi connections on your device.

NOTE :  All apps listed above are for only education purpose !! Tech Arena does not promote hacking stuff.

So, above are the best iphone hacking apps 2023 edition. Using these apps you can easily hack wifi on iphone. I hope guys this will going to help you to crack passwords. If you have any problem then just comment it below and feel free to share this post with your friends !!!

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