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Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Services 2023

Best Cloud Storage Services 2023 Edition: Cloud storage services are one of the trending topics in the tech world. By using cloud storage services you can store your personal and public data online. The best feature of the cloud storage is that you don’t need to have a disc of data and then copy or paste it where it needs. With cloud storage services you can upload your files just by one click over the internet that’s it !! and also you can access your stored data anytime and from anywhere. Also, your data is very secure in cloud services. Generally, we store our data in computer or mobile but what if you accidentally format or delete data your important data? there is hardly you can recover some data. So, how to protect and save your important data? The only answer is to use cloud storage services.  Now you no longer need any pen drive or disc to carry your data just use below best cloud storage services to access data from anywhere in the world.


Best Cloud Storage Services 2023

Best Cloud Storage Services
Best Cloud Storage Services 2023

There are many cloud service provides and their amount is increasing day by day. Due to hug competition they provides many features to user so that they can become best one. Every year new cloud companies come over the internet So, here I’m going to share some best cloud storage services 2023 edition list :

#1 Google Drive

Google drive is on top of this list because they provides best cloud storage service. Google drive is most secure cloud service and their super servers gives lightning fast upload and download speed. To use google drive you just need a google account. Google Drive is a viable option to store your files and provides special features for documents storage like online word viewer, pdf viewer etc. Also google drive offers desktop  client for Windows,Mac and for Linux users with one click upload facility. Google drive also gives Android and iOS app to upload your data through mobile. Google drive offers 15 GB of free storage to its users and other pricing’s starts from 100 GB for $1.99 per month. You can upload maximum file size up to 1 TB ( 1000 GB ).

#2 Dropbox

Dropbox also provides best and secure cloud service at decent prices. You can get free 2 GB of data storage when you sign up. You can also increase data limit up to 16 GB just by giving refer link to your friend.  Dropbox uses  AES 256-bit encryption and also provides two step verification security features. You can upgrade to the 1 TB plan for around £7.99 per month. It also provides app for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

#3 ADrive

If you want more free cloud storage with paying the ADrive is best for you. ADrive offers 50 GB of data limit absolutely for FREE and their Premium Plans start at just $2.50 per month or $25 per year.

#4 BOX

Another best cloud service provides is BOX. It give free storage space of 10 GB. Also gives many free add-ons for different type of documents. Android, iOS and Windows applications are also available to sync data.

#5 One Drive

This is cloud storage service provides by Microsoft corporation which offers 15 GB free for all users and $2.50 per month for 25 GB of storage.

#6 Copy has been developed security service provider Barracuda which provides free storage of 20 GB  further you can also increase your storage limit just by refering you friends. Desktop clients for windows and mac and linux is available and also android and iOS app is available to sync you data easily. Premium plans start from $4.99/mo for 250 GB.

#7 Amazon Cloud

This is the cloud service which is provided by Amazon. It provides 5 GB free for all Amazon users and Pro account starts from $10 for 200 GB for 1 year.

#8 Mega

The another best cloud service which provides to store data up to 50 GB for free. This service is very good for those who want to store large data online for free.

#9 Cloud Me

CloudMe provides up to 19 GB of free storage space for its users. The cloud storage service has a restriction of 150 MB in individual file space.

#10 MediaFire

MediaFire is also one of most popular cloud service which is used now a days.  It offers 10 GB free for all users and for  premium user accounts it charges just $2.49 for 1 TB  (1000 GB).

Beside from above cloud storage there are many other best cloud service providers like :, Bitcasa, Slashdrive, Tardis Box, pCloud, Dego, Symform, Yunio, FireDrive, OziBox, FlipDrive, Hubic, SFShare, Shared etc.

So, above are the best cloud storage services 2023 edition. If you know some other cloud service provides then just comment it below also Don’t forget to share this post with your friends !!

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