Best Android TV Apps 2016
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Best Android TV Apps For Watching Free Movies & Shows

Best Android TV Apps : When it comes to watching TV many people only go for the trending options but the new apps arrived in 2023 are best and they are changing the trend by making the huge number of customers attracted. So it’s worth considering all other options and choose the best TV apps for android. I’ve also included best TV apps for android for accessing Indian channels.

Note: You require 3G or Wi-Fi connection in order enjoy the service without buffering, though you can try on 2G but the experience wouldn’t be decent.

Today has come up with the complete solution for watching TV on your android device.


Best TV apps For Android ?

Best TV apps for Indian channels?

Best FREE Apps To Watch Movies & Tv Shows?

And (+) bonuses for more insights.

Best Android TV Apps 2016
Best Android TV Apps 2023


Best Android TV Apps

The answer will obviously depend on own needs. Here is our list of Best Android TV Apps 2023 edition.


Netflix is the #1st most popular and it is known for its recommendations and quality service.

Yes! This is the best TV streaming service available right now. And it is bang for the buck.

Download Netflix from Google play store

#2. Holu

This is also one of the best streaming service out there.

Holu has stands #1st when you need updated TV shows.

Holu is service is free and Holu plus paid both are worth trying.

Download Holu from Google play store

#3. Plex:

The price is lesser than the other services the problem here is Plex is little-complicated one need to set up Plex server it’s not hard just a bit complicated which is possible with little hassle. Once that is set you are ready to go.

Download Plex from Google play store

Bonus: (worth try)


Watching TV is always a waste time? We get nothing in return than wasting our precious time.


Yes all will say yes!

But What if I say you will get something in return?

You’ll get awesome reward points.

Which you can use to get a discount from brands like Best Buy, Burger King, Fandango, Old Navy and more. So don’t forget to try this amazing app.

On average one may get $5 gift card or something near to this.

Size: 7.9MB

Price: Free

Download Viggle from Google Play

Best Android TV Apps For India

There are a countless number of apps out there. But merely few provide the desired result.

Here I’ve concluded only 2 apps which are the best among the rest.

(I’ve already tested and tried other apps and concluded that the rest options are waste of time)

#1.  NexGtv:

This is my personal favorite TV app which includes all the popular well known Indian channels and most of them are also available free of cost. One can’t wrong with this.

Download NexGtv from Google play store

#2.  ZengaTV:

This is 2nd best option if you face any problem or unable to get some specific channels then give a try to this app it might definitely help you out.

Download ZengaTV from Google play store

Note: You might notice few minutes of difference while buffering the live TV.


The below given apps are better, if you watch only a set of few countable channels then you can simple search for specific channels in Google play store.

Below are some apps which serve TV service for the only particular channel.

  • NDTV Official App.

This official app enables us to watch the current and past news on the go, one can even read the news or watch a live channel for better perception.

  • ABP India News Live App.

This is another popular news channel which has a good user interface and provides live streaming with ease.

  • Sony LIV App.

This is the one single app for watching all channels under Sony networks. It also comes with all show of any channel and also enables users to check live TV on the go.

And check out more you might find many.

Best Free Apps For Watching Movies & Tv

#1. YouTube:

YouTube is the next big thing after Google. In future, this will be the ultimate best option.YouTube is best entertainment arena. It’s been years now, I’ve left watching TV. I’ve completely ditched TV after entering this YouTube arena. One can enjoy any TV shows and other relevant shows on the go. And the best part is YouTube is absolutely free!

Download YouTube from Google play store

#2. Vevo Videos: (Music)

Vevo is known for best music videos anyone can enjoy live musical performances streaming of music concerts.

Download Vevo from Google Play store

#3. IBDM: (Movies)

If you are one of those who spend most of the time watching movies then this is the best place to get all the tiny details which would be helpful for finding the set of the best movie.

Download IBDM from Google Play store

Conclusion: TV app for ?

Hope you’ve selected your best android TV apps for your android and understood the other options available. hope you have concluded best TV app for android. This was the complete researched list of our best apps for watching/streaming live TV on your android smartphone.

If you have any question or something to add, then let me know about your views in comment section.

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