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Top 5 Best Android Roms 2023

Best Android Roms 2023 Edition : Android is the one of most popular open source operating system for the smartphone which is owned by Google. Every year Google comes up with the new version of android following the names in alphabetical order. This year Android comes up with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Google just release the ROM which is called AOSP ( Android Open Source Project ) which is usually known as stock Rom. In this Rom default usually, google apps are installed. There are no extra features and also don’t have any customization features. Now the companies like Samsung and Sony etc. adds some more features to AOSP Rom.

After keep using the same look again and again you might get tried of using it. You can also try android launchers but they don’t change the whole look more ever they make your device slow. So, the way with you can change the whole look of android device is by using best custom roms for android which can changes the whole look of you device. The custom android roms comes up with many features, tweaks and with improved performance of processor and camera also. You can easily find custom rom for you device at XDA forums. There are also more than thousands of custom roms for android releases every day. So, here I have made a list of best android roms using which you can change the look of of your android device easily. So check out these best custom roms for android :


Best Android Roms 2023

Best Android Roms 2015
Best Android Roms 2023

Below are the top 5 best custom roms for android :

#1. CyanogenMOD : Best Custom Rom For Android

Best Android Roms 2015
Best Android Roms 2023

When it comes to customization the name of Cynogen comes first. It is the rom which offers you unlimited customization. The rom looks very similar to stock rom but it has many features and tweaks. It is best android rom of 2023 for customization and for performance too. Many devices like OnePlus One and Two also YU devices are comes up with this ROM. It is light rom for android device which makes your device to run faster. The another great thing about this ROM is that using this you can have the taste of latest android version before you manufacture releases !! That’s really cool !! You can install this rom with just one click there is no need of technical knowledge.

CyanogenMod Official Site

Features :

  • God Of Customization.
  • Fast and light ROM.
  • Custom Lockscreen gestures.
  • Expanded quick settings.
  • Custom Themes.
  • Frequent Updates.
  • Bug Free ROM.
  • OpenVPN integration.
  • DSP equalizer.
  • Theme Store.
  • Custom Fonts and Colors.
  • CPU over clocking and under clocking.

#2. MIUI : Best Android ROM

Best Android Custom Roms 2015
Best Android Custom Roms 2023

You must be familiar with Xiaomi mobiles. The company is know for making best high end budget android device. MIUI rom is developed by Xiaomi. This is best custom rom for android 2015 and it is simply awesome. If you are looking for the features of android and iOS then you should try this ROM at least once. It is also knows as GOD of customization. It has many advanced features which are not available in other ROMs.

MIUI Official Site

Features :

  • All new cool look.
  • Bug free Custom android ROM.
  • Custom themes,fonts and lock screen.
  • Frequent Updates.
  • Floating notifications.
  • More security features.

#3. Paranoid : Android Custom ROM

Best Android Roms 2015
Best Android Roms 2023

This is also best custom rom which is also alternative to CyanogenMOD. It has more features than the cyanogenMOD. It also gives frequent updates and the speed of this ROM is just simply awesome !! It has many tweaks which let you to change the colours, fonts of the ROM easily with just one click ! You can aslo change the navigation bar of the device. The hybrid mode feature allows you to set apps to have the layout of the tablet on your smartphone. The HALO feature allows you to have a mini version of nay app just like multiple windows on one screen.

ParanoidAndroid Official Site

Features :

Floating notifications.

Improved multitasking.

New Hidden Navigation and PIE mode.

Fully Customization.

New Gesture Controls.

Supports CyanogenMod themes.

#4. AOKP : Custom Android ROM

Best Android Roms 2015
Best Android Roms 2023

AOKP is another popular Android custom Rom knows as Android Open Kang Project. This ROM also offers lots of customization yet it is fastest one !!. In the Rom control settings which you can easily find under settings options allows you to enter the customization mode of the ROM. You can change the height of the navigation bar, cahnge the colors of navigation bar, you can make transparent notification and navigation. Also it allows you to all shortcuts to navigation bar which is really a cool feature !! You can also design custom vibrations for particular event.

AOKP Official Site

 Features :

  • Custom navigation bar.
  • Make transparent notification and navigation bar.
  • Change the colors and fonts.
  • Make custom vibrations.
  • Fast and light Rom.

#5. Slim Bean : Best Android Rom

Best Android Roms 2015
Best Android Roms 2023

If you are tired of customization then must try this android custom rom which is knows for its simplicity and fast speed. SlimRoms focus on offering a clean and slim Android experience.

Slim Bean Official Site

Features :

  • Complete Dark skin.
  • Improved multitasking with new custom recent menu.
  • Privacy guard features for security.
  • Notification reminder.
  • Make custom quick tiles.

So, above are the best android roms 2023 edition. I hope now you can easily customize your android device with these best custom roms for android. If are facing any problem or know some other best custom android roms then just comment it below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends !!

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