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Top 10 Best Android Apps 2023

Best Android apps 2023 edition:- Howdy readers here is best android apps all time on play store.There are many apps available on play store which makes difficult to choose best android apps 2023. But here is handpicked apps that are chosen according to their no of downloads in last month.


Best Android Apps 2023

Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps 2023

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Must Have Android Apps 2023

Check out below must have android apps 2023 edition :-

1. Mx player

Mx player is the one of best android apps. It is a video player which supports almost all formats.

best android apps august 2015
best android apps 2023

Features :-

  • Supports all video format.
  • Easy to use.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Consumes less power.

Download : Mx player

2. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer File Manager is the most popular and best file manager for android. You can easily customize and completely control of your android devices with ES File Explorer. ES allows to accessing quickly and easy way to browse through files and folders on your Android and tablet device and quickly get to the SD card home folder, root directory, frequently used files and folders or bookmarked.You can easily delete, rename, move or copy of your folders and files without any trouble and also you can used zip/unzip, rar files, cache cleaner (with a task manager module installed) and easily maintain your app with task manager. It’s the best file manager app for android. There are amazing features of ES File Explorer.

best android apps august 2015
best android apps 2023

Features :-

  • Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut, and Bookmark.
  • Application Manager – categorize, uninstall, backup, and create shortcuts to your apps
  • Remote File Manager – when enabled, manage files on your phone from your computer
  • Shows thumbnails for APKs and images
  • Text viewers and editors.
  • Access your home PC via WiFi with SMB
  • Root Explorer
  • Functions as your FTP and WebDAV client.

Download : ES File Explorer

3. SwiftKey

Swift Key is the best android keyboard, I highly recommend all users to use Swift Key.  It is NO. 1 best selling app in play store. It’s rating on play store is 4.7

best android apps august 2015
Best android apps 2023

Features :-

  • It predicts your next word before you even press a key.
  • It has also smart learning feature which learns from your words and save them.
  • Swift Key flow feature which makes typing more faster.
  • Multiple Layout Feature.

Download :  SwiftKey

4. PicsArt

PicsArt is really cool and simple designed app for this purpose. It clean interference gives impressions to user that their photos will not be messed when user tries editing. Android lovers can download and install this app from Google Play Store at free of cost without paying a single penny. Best thing is that social integration facility is available in this app.

Best android apps august 2015
Best android apps 2023

Features :-

  • An easy-to-use photo editor.
  • Customizable brush filters, masks, shape masks, text tool, and more.
  • A photo camera, with multiple live filters.
  • A drawing suite, including artistic brushes and layers.
  • Collage maker to create photo collages in grids, collage frames, free-form, or with photos in the background.
  • Instant sharing on PicsArt, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, or via email.

5.  AVG Antivirus

It is the one of best antivirus for android not only for PC but also for android mobiles and tablets. Its rating on Google play store is 4.4 and still avialable for free. I strongly recommends everyone to download it due it due to following features :-
Best android apps august 2015
Best android apps 2023
  • Scan apps, settings, files & media in real time.
  • Enable finding/locating your lost/stolen phone via Google Maps.
  • Lock / wipe your device to protect your privacy.
  • Kill tasks that slow your device.
  • Monitor battery, storage and data package usage .

Download : AVG Antivirus

6. Clean Master

If your android device lags or having low ram then just install this best android apps 2015.It  make easy to free up more storage from your phone and SD card, boost games and device memory, enhance speed & extend battery life, stop overheating and protect your device against malicious apps and vulnerabilities.

Best android apps august 2015
Best android apps 2023

Features :-

  • Junk file cleaning.
  • Memory boost.
  • CPU cooler.
  • App manager.
  • Antivirus.

Download : Clean Master

7. Du Battery

DU Battery Saver, the world’s leading battery saver and Android power doctor & manager, is a FREE battery saving app that makes your battery last longer! Get up to 50{6692d0899169d8c8cfbd1f5df2086582c3301738f99f3382fe6008dc9bc3c863} more battery life for Android phones or tablets! With DU Battery Saver’s smart pre-set battery power management modes, one-touch controls and healthy charge stage features, solve battery problems and extend your battery life.

Best android apps august 2015

Features :- 

  • Fast Battery Saver
  • Simple Battery Saver
  • Effective Battery Saver
  • Convenient Battery Saver
  • Easy & Powerful Battery Saver

Download : Du Battery

8. Flipboard

Flipboard is your personal magazine. Used by millions of people everyday, it’s a single place to keep up on the news, follow topics you care about and share stories, videos and photos that influence you.

Best android apps august 2015

Features :

  • Manage your magazines.
  • Enjoy Flipboard localized edition of your country.
  • Flipboard widget for quick access.
  • Daily Edition to quickly check the news.

Download  : Flipboard

9. App locker

App locker is the one of best android apps 2023. Many people keeps their important data in phone.So, by using this app you can easily protect your important android data.

Best android apps august 2015
Top android apps 2023

Features :-

  • Protects any apps using password or pattern.
  • Photo Vault, hide pictures.
  • Video Vault, hide videos.
  • Customize background, set your favorite photo.
  • Themes.
  • Fake cover.
  • Profiles, easy to change the locks.
  • Automatic lock at given time.

Download : App Locker

10. Ms Office

Microsoft Office Mobile is the official Office companion optimized for your Android phone. You can access, view and edit your Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint documents from virtually anywhere. Documents look like the originals, thanks to support for charts, animations, SmartArt graphics and shapes. When you make quick edits or add comments to a document, the formatting and content remain intact.

Features :- 

  • Optimized for phone.
  • Resume Reading.
  • Resume Reading.
  • Make quick edits and share documents.

 Download : Ms Office

So,above are the best android apps 2023 edition list,these are must have android apps which should every user install.If you know some other best android apps then just comment it below !!.Feel free to share these best apps with your friends !!

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