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Floating Notifications Application Review


  For those of you like us at Land of Technology, that have been waiting to get something like Paranoid Android’s HALO notification feature, might want to check out “floating notifications” Alpha 3. XDA member crazyfool_1 has brought this HALO-like notification app to us for free through his XDA thread. He stresses that this is not HALO, but it is ... Read More »

[App-Review] Ultra Explorer – Android File Explorer


When you look on Google Play Store for a file manager you will find an abundance of them. But it’s a different story  when it comes to applications, there’s very little choice. Given that users have very different ways of using the same type of app, just one additional or missing feature can make all the difference when it comes ... Read More »

LAIA – Learn How to Develop Android in Android


Over at XDA, they’re  focused on development.  Let’s face it without developers, of all ages and walks of life, there wouldn’t be XDA-Developer website. Through  AdamOutler a XDA Elite Recognized Developer who has spearheaded a vast array of articles and XDA TV videos on Android Development, XDA has come a long, long way However XDA Senior Member SferaDev has taken a different route to help users ... Read More »

Super Backup – An All In One BackUp Solution?


One of the drawbacks to rapidly flashing the latest nightly or, any ROM that can possibly be thrown at your device is the often time consuming task of backing up all your apps and data. Some of us may well find ourselves flitting between several different apps to backup different things to different locations. Well now we could just have ... Read More »

Back Up Your Entire Tablet Without Rooting – Beta


Most Android users need root to backup their phones and tablets, but there is a growing number of devices where this is no longer the case. Google made a change in Android 4 ICS that lets you backup apps, data and system apps without root. Several methods have been in circulation to do so: some require the Android SDK to ... Read More »

ROM News – Team EOS XOOM JB MR1 4.2 Wingray MZ604


Continuing on from the success of the EOS ICS & JB roms, Team EOS present to you EOS4, based on JELLYBEAN MR1! Early in December TeamEOS let loose to the Motorola Xoom MZ604 community EOS4 Jelly Bean MR1.  This was a major update from the ICS EOS3, which is still being use today. Now as all JB users will know ... Read More »

FIX for the Screen Flickering on devices running Android 4.2


So, as many people have been experiencing (According to the internet and XDA at least), the most current release of Android 4.2 on CM10.1 and other ROM’s like TeamEOS 4 has a problem where the screen will randomly just start flickering. If you’re like me, you probably assumed that something was wrong with either your phone, the ROM, or a ... Read More »