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Home Automation for Less Than $300 using Android


We are in a world that is run by technology. The days of the Jetsons are creeping closer and closer as time goes on.  You now can control your air conditioner, your lights, your TV and other various appliances all with your smartphone.  I came across a very cool video today of Doug Gregory showing off his home automation set up and ... Read More »

The Nexus 7 In-Car UI Guide – #ProjectN7 by @mr_bridger


Some of you have probably already read the guide i made to fitting the Nexus 7 in my car, if not here’s a link This is a quick overview of what I’ve done for my home screen and UI. Now I’m not going to go into the full ins and outs of how to work Nova Launcher, Tasker, UCCW ... Read More »

on{X} Android automation… from Microsoft???

Yes, Microsoft have released a beta of a new app – surprisingly not for Windows Phone, but for it’s biggest competition – Android.  This app will look familiar to fans of Motorola’s Smart Actions or the all-powerful Tasker.   The catchy titled (ahem) on{X} sets rules or actions that are then activated based on location, time, speed, weather or other ... Read More »