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Wirefly Taking Pre-Orders for HTC One at Midnight (PST)


If you are in the US and looking to get your hand on the worlds best mobile phone then you will be pleased to know that as of midnight PST you can order the HTC One for Sprint via Wirefly. That’s right. When the clock strikes midnight (pacific) approx., Wirefly will begin taking preorders for the hotly anticipated HTC One ... Read More »

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Getting OTA On July 26th


Not Jelly Bean but the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is still getting an OTA that will bring new enhancments to the device. It isn’t a huge update and won’t bring too much new and exciting to the device but it is still welcomed. The update will modify the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator), will bring support for Sprint TV, and will ... Read More »

Sprint’s LTE Network Officially Launched

Yesterday saw the official launch of Sprin’s long anticipated LTE network in Kansas City, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta. While this is only a small number of cities, Sprint does plan on expanding their LTE network as quickly as they can. Sprint have been eager to match the LTE speeds of Verizon and AT&T’s LTE networks. If any of our readers ... Read More »

LTE For Sprint Officially Rolling Out


Yesterday some cities began to see LTE from Sprint although it wasn’t official from Sprint yet. Today Sprint made it official by rolling out their LTE network to: Kansas City, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta. It’s only 5 cities for now but you have to start somewhere. Hopefully we will see more areas get LTE in the near future. ... Read More »

Sprint’s Evo 4G LTE Now in White


Colour variants are the done thing now it seems and the latest handset to be hit with the paintbrush is Sprint’s Evo 4G LTE handset which traditionally came in black with a red accent. The new variant is white with a red accent and will go on sale 7/15 for $199.99 with new 2-year agreement, or $549.99 full retail. Via: ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G Touch ICS Update is Official


It may well be the longest handset name in history but it’s equally had a long wait for it’s update to Android 4.0 given that the rest of the world have seen their updates already for this Galaxy SII variant. Starting today, Sprint will begin to rolout the Ice Cream goodness that is Android 4.0 to devices via the OTA ... Read More »

Samsung Post Source To ICS Build For Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II


Samsung’s way of getting involved with the community of Android development is posting their sources on their, Open Source Release Center website. Recently the source of the FF18 build showed up. Why is this build important? It is the official ICS build for the Samsung Galaxy S II variant on Sprint. While the source is useless to the normal consumer ... Read More »

Sprint to the Store To Get Your SIII


Sorry, the title of the post is shocking but to be fair it’s almost 1am and I think I’m heading towards writers block. Sprint customers can finally get out their cash or cards get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The SIII was originally tipped for a June 21st launch date however it missed that and will instead be ... Read More »

Sprint’s GNEX To See Fix Update


It seems like a never ending fire fight right now when it comes to the Galaxy Nexus across the globe and on all variations. Sprint are the latest carrier to push out an update to fix problems that the consumers face and in the update they aim to fix Device not connecting to data services after activation Device not displaying ... Read More »