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Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories – A comment


Accessories are an important part of any device, they help compliment its use, often in a subtle way, but certainly enhances the enjoyment value.  I have been very pleased to see that when it comes to the Galaxy S4 Samsung have not been slow at sending out accessories, with most items fully stocked a while before the phones release date. Read More »

Samsung signup Wolfson with multi-year deal


Samsung has signed a multi-year licensing deal with UK-based audio chip manufacturer Wolfson. The Galaxy S4 will have the Wolfson audio chip. Wolfson’s CEO Mike Hickey said, ‘This is a significant milestone for Wolfson, and we are delighted to be making this announcement. Having worked closely with Samsung over recent years on their Galaxy range of tablets and smartphones, this ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4 TV ads appear online

Samsung PIN3_Feature_AD

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch fast approaching, and Samsung’s wallet is open ready to spend millions on the launch, three ads appear on the Netherlands YouTube site. The Samsung Mobile teams videos give us a taste of what Samsung are likely to show on our TV’s. The clips are below, let us know what you think.   Read More »

Samsung and Mozilla Working on Next Generation Web Browser Engine


Mozilla and Samsung have announced today that they are working on a project to build the next generation with advanced technology, Android web browser engine. The new engine will be built from the ground up. They both want to bring the new engine to ARM devices. In order to have the browser secure the Servo will be written in Mozilla’s ... Read More »

Are Smartphone Cameras Taking Over From Digital Cameras


Reports coming from Japan seem to be bad for Digital Camera sales worldwide. Canon, Olympus, Ricoh and Nikon sales have plummeted at the expense of Smartphones, which now have, on the whole, excellent cameras built-in.   When we look back to how the digital camera sent the camera film to the grave, it’s now the digital camera that’s under threat, ... Read More »

UK Galaxy S4 Will Not Be Octa-Core [Confirmed By Samsung]


Samsung Galaxy S 4 is equipped with a 1.9GHz Quad-core AP or a 1.6GHz Octa-core AP. The selection of AP varies by markets. In the UK the Galaxy S 4 will be available as a 4G device with a 1.9GHz Quad Core Processor. Samsung say what? We thought you said that the UK will be getting the Octa-core processor. If ... Read More »

Chromebook XE303C15 review


Although they are not must have’s yet, Chromebooks are the buzz device of the moment.  I have had the budget Samsung XE303C12 to test for the last couple of weeks to see if working from a cloud connected browser is an option.  Price & Where From Best price £224 from Currys/PC World    In The Box Samsung Chromebook XE303C12 and ... Read More »