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Invisible Power Fields to Provide Wireless Charging


CES is coming soon, and that’s when the latest and greatest, and sometimes the most innovative, products are released into the wild for the consumer to salivate over. While the title might seem like a key piece of marketing for an upcoming Sci-Fi movie, or an idea from Jules Verne, it is in fact real. Back when Palm introduced the ... Read More »

Amzer Announces a Bulletproof Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy SIII

Often, while performing super-sensitive operations, it is important to protect your $600 smartphone from stray bullets. Ok, so maybe you won’t be physically encountering physical bullets, but maybe you are someone who tends to drop their phone on rocks, sand, concrete, tables, etc. In that case, you could benefit from a screen protector that could stop even a speeding bullet. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S III Developer Version

Samsung have released on their website what appears to be a developer edition of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Available from Verizon specifically and not being sold through Samsung (even though it’s on their website??)  the user will be available to freely unlock the boot loader and looks to be sold for £599 and does not require a contract. The ... Read More »

Stronger Samsung Galaxy S3 Coming to South Korea July 9th

  Samsung’s home country is about to get a surprise. They will be receiving the Samsung Galaxy S III. This Samsung Galaxy S III is much more  unique than the Samsung Galaxy S III’s received in other countries as it will come with 2GB of RAM and a quad-core processor. Even better this device will come with 4G radios! Usually you can ... Read More »

Amzer Announces New Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S III

When a manufacturer releases a new flagship devices, accessory companies frantically try to be the first to market with accessories specifically designed for those devices. Amzer has officially announced its line of Samsung Galaxy S III accessories the recent Samsung Galaxy S III release, with an emphasis on its Shellster case. Like the ones before it, this Shellster is created with ... Read More »

[REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy S III

I will admit I was a little skeptical when the Samsung Galaxy S III came out as I wasn’t convinced it was worth all of the hype. So we shall see if after a couple of days using it will influence me otherwise. A big thank you to Vodafone for providing the review handset. In The Box: Samsung Galaxy S ... Read More »

How DID the SIII Design Stay Secret for SO Long?

We are hearing dummy cases, hand-delivered prototypes and two design that never quite made it are among the many factors that allowed the S III design to stay secret up until a week before UK release when the service manual featuring a line drawing and some of the spec was leaked. It would seem Samsung pulled off an “Apple” for ... Read More »

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III Arriving Sooner Than Expected

Some lucky customers have a chance of getting their AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III sooner than the 21st of June.  Right under the pre-order button in the screenshot above is a side note stating “Arrives on or before 6/21/2012. Other carrier dates are not confirmed except that of T-mobile’s network which is planned to arrive on the 21st of June as well. This ... Read More »

Holding the Galaxy S III in a Certain Way Weakens Signal?

So apparently we have to be careful how we hold a Galaxy S III? The guys and gals at Don’t Hold It Wrong have added the S III to their list with a diagram of how not to hold the phone. Apparently gripping it at the base of the handset may result in a loss of signal which could directly ... Read More »

No Free Storage for AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S III

With the Samsung Galaxy S III you should get 50MB of free Dropbox storage. Apparantly this isn’t the case if you have an AT&T or Verizon Galaxy S III. This is a little bit worse added that you can only get the SIII on these two in the 16GB style as well. It would appear they don’t want to pay ... Read More »