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Looks like European carriers are moving away from handset subsidies


European carriers are moving away from subsidies which is now gathering pace, as the growing popularity of expensive smartphones makes it less viable for carriers to mask the real cost of the handset. One by one, the signs point to the decline and perhaps demise of the mobile handset subsidy. Whether it’s Vodafone paying new found attention to the high-end pay-as-you-go market ... Read More »

White Nexus 4 Spotted in The Wild

The Nexus phones have always been hot among the developer community. But the current king of the Nexus devices is as unobtainable as a unicorn. Due to overwhelming demand the supply of the Nexus 4 has been unable to keep up. The Nexus has been quickly selling out whenever any carrier or the play store manages to get any in stock. An ... Read More »

[Review] Rotating Nexus 7 Folio Case


I know, I know, I’m late to the Nexus 7 game.  Everybody has had one for ages but there are other things I had to buy ok? I mean I’ve got kids to feed people! Jeez. Anyway, I finally managed to get myself a 32gb model and anyone who knows me will tell you, I scratch my tech.  I don’t ... Read More »

Linux on EVERYTHING – Part 3


LINUX on Android It would be nice to have a native Linux to install onto our nice fancy tablets other than Android. Sadly this isn’t possible (well it is, Bodhi Linux in particular is doing a lot of work for ARM devices), but we do have another option. We can download a Linux image to our SD memory, and VNC ... Read More »

Nexus 4 – Pure Android, Love it or Hate it.

The Android operating system, love it or, hate it. Well I love it!. Android stands for Freedom as the XDA community will tell you. It’s made great strides over the last four years and has become extremely useful and great fun to use. And with now you have over 700,000 apps to choose from the Google Play Store But if ... Read More »

Nexus 7 running Ubuntu Linux – A Quick Look

Nexus 7 with Ubuntu OS – First Look Not long ago Ubuntu teased us with a video of Ubuntu running natively on an Asus Nexus 7. Part of the info we were given was that they would be demonstrating the install procedure at this years Ubuntu developers summit, and not much more. This weekend Canonical threw us all a bone ... Read More »

What’s new from Google today?

So, in spite of Sandy, Google decided to kick off the new devices and a lot more anyway which is good news, so here’s everything that’s new. Nexus 4 The Nexus 4 is made by LG but kicks away LG’s inability to design a good phone but keeps’ it’s affordable price points. With the Nexus 4 starting from £239.00 off-contract ... Read More »

Nexus 10 Caught On Video For A Mere 5 Seconds


The highly anticipated Nexus 10 just made a quick little tease stop for the camera, and by tease I mean 5 seconds. A 5 second video posted by BriefMobile shows the Nexus 10’s homescreen and the opening of the browser. Not much at all, but it is a leak and we are here to report those to you. Don’t blink ... Read More »

Nexus 10 Manual Leaks!


Imagine my surprise when I log onto my computer this morning to find more Nexus leaks. This leak in particular is of the rumored Nexus 10 tablet that is designed by Samsung. If you didn’t know, the Nexus 10 is supposed to have a really high resolution (2560 x 1600, to be more exact) and measure -you guessed it- ten ... Read More »