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Range Rover Gets some Nexus 7 Love


You know, here at LoT we love a good Car/Gadget mod. Especially when that said mod involves an Android device. :) Jon Love, Loves his 2007 Range Rover Sport (pun not intended) which he lists all the bells and whistles with great pride. Built in Land Rover navigation Voice Control (Phone/Audio/Navigation) 7 speaker Harmon Kardon speaker system (AM/FM/6 Disc CD/AUX ... Read More »

The Nexus 7 In-Car UI Guide – #ProjectN7 by @mr_bridger


Some of you have probably already read the guide i made to fitting the Nexus 7 in my car, if not here’s a link This is a quick overview of what I’ve done for my home screen and UI. Now I’m not going to go into the full ins and outs of how to work Nova Launcher, Tasker, UCCW ... Read More »

Dash Mounting a Nexus 7 – #ProjectN7 by @mr_bridger


One thing that’s bugged me for a long time is the lack of Android based in-car entertainment systems. Android is the perfect platform for this, its open source, very customisable, and lends it self well to cloud based music apps and internet radio. Manufacturers only need to build some hardware and then slap Android on it! So why are there ... Read More »

How To Multi Boot The Nexus 7 (Including Linux)


Ever since Canonical announced and subsequently released the images and source for Ubuntu on the Nexus 7, all of us tinkerers have been looking for a way to get the operating systems dual booting. Now thanks to XDA developer Tasssadar this, and more, is possible.  Not only can you boot into additional installs of Android and Linux but the system ... Read More »

[Review] Nexus 7 Bluetooth Keyboard Stand/Case

Back of box

As I have said before in previous reviews, finding a good accessories for a device is key to useful enjoyment and Nexus 7 accessories are, of course,  no different.  One of the hardest things I have found is to find a good Keyboard for a tablet device.  My current tablet is a Nexus 7.  I was very pleased when I saw this ... Read More »

Bodhi Linux Nexus 7 first release & how to install

Not long ago we told you how the development team at Bodhi Linux were fundraising to buy a development Nexus 7 with the goal of having the distribution boot nativly, like they have done with other ARM devices.  The target was reached, and Jeff Hoogland the lead developer purchased a device roughly a week ago.  True to his word Jeff ... Read More »

Bodhi Linux reaches its funding goal


Just under a week ago we reported how the development team at Bodhi Linux were fund raising to purchase a Nexus 7 to enable them to start porting the enlightenment distro to work on the ARM devices.  I am happy to say that this target has now been reached, and we can look forward to some images for flashing very ... Read More »

What’s new from Google today?

So, in spite of Sandy, Google decided to kick off the new devices and a lot more anyway which is good news, so here’s everything that’s new. Nexus 4 The Nexus 4 is made by LG but kicks away LG’s inability to design a good phone but keeps’ it’s affordable price points. With the Nexus 4 starting from £239.00 off-contract ... Read More »

Cannocial release Nexus 7 Ubuntu Installer

You’ve more than likely heard of Ubuntu coming to the Nexus 7, and now their is a public Developer Preview of the tool which is really easy for you to use. It is warned though that many things just don’t work as they should, but rest assured progress is being made to make Ubuntu run properly as if the tablet ... Read More »