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Notification Center Found In Chromium, The First Steps to Google Now Cards Being Integrated Into Chrome Itself?


The open source web browser, Chromium, has now been updated with a notification centre for windows. Spotted by, François Beaufort over on Google+ today, and looks like a possible way for Google to bring Android’s new killer feature, Google Now, over to the desktop as well. I love Google Now and many an Android user would love to see it ... Read More »

Nvidia Open Up GeForce Experience For All – Aims To Optimize Games Accordingly To A Users Hardware.


A little over a month ago Nvidia released, Gefore Experience, a gaming optimization tool, but it was as a closed beta. Thousands of gamers downloaded the application and helped shape it ready for everyone. It is now released for all you gamers out there in an open beta stage. The software uses hardware detection and a clever proprietary cloud database ... Read More »

How To Disable Lockscreen Widgets in Android 4.2

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Android 4.2 is here and it’s been received with mixed feelings. I have it on my Galaxy Nexus and although I love it, I can see and have replicated a lot of bugs. One feature that has been introduced in Android 4.2 is the lockscreen widgets. Now some would call this a bug, simply bugging them with disdain and not ... Read More »

Big News App Brings the Big News Bigger


When it comes to news feeds, everyone has their preferences. Some prefer for their content to be saved for offline viewing. Others may like Google Reader compatibility or require that a widget be included. No matter the case, there is a news application out there for just about everyone. Recently, an application was released that brings simplicity and size to ... Read More »

Samsung And Apple CEOs Discuss Possible Settlement

Yes, I bring you yet another update from the Samsung Vs Apple lawsuits. This time it is the news that the two companies have agreed to one final talk, to try and arrange a settlement before the case gets handed to the jury for decision. Now, this isn’t the first time the two have met to try and settle the case. The two met before the ... Read More »