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LG release the Optimus F series Tomorrow – April 29th


LG Optimus F series, which was unveil at the MWC in Barcelona is going to be released in Europe. Starting with the Optimus F5, this is a mid-ranged phone that surprisingly has a package that you would find in a high-end phone. It will be unveiled in France tomorrow 29th, the F5 specs include: Qualcomm 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of ... Read More »

Three UK commits to LTE with NO extra cost


UK Network operator Three have unlike other UK operators committed to all existing and new price plans without customers needing to pay a premium fee to ‘upgrade’. Three’s Ultrafast network, currently supported by DC-HSDPA technology, already covers 55% of the UK population. Other UK networks will have to sit up and take note of Three’s stance and cut their cloth ... Read More »

G-NetTrack, Puts Your Network (UMTS/GSM/LTE) to the Test

A long time ago in technology terms, there was an app called G-NetSpeed. This app allowed you to monitor your network (as opposed to it being the other way around) for quality and testing purposes. The developer,  XDA Forum Member gyokov has decided that his useful little app required an update.So, he did what any good developer trying to undergo ... Read More »

AT&T’s Latest 4G Commercial Features 100% Lumia


If you follow the networks closely like we do then you will probably have noticed how little Windows Phone has featured in advertisements recently, usually they are dominated by the Android brand however the latest advert (released yesterday) by AT&T shows only the Lumia 920 and not others. Whilst this wasn’t an Windows Phone based advertising campaign it now shows ... Read More »

Samsung’s New Tablet: The Galaxy Tab Cornea

Samsung is hoping to challenge the iPad this year with its own “retina” display tablet. Through the company’s tussle with Apple, a document was leaked of a road-map portraying an LTE tablet code-named “P10″. The  display of this device comes in at 11.8 inches which is larger than the average size of most tablets. The resolution of this tablet comes ... Read More »

The 5 inch LG Optimus Vu Coming to Verizon

LG hopes to fight the Galaxy Note with its own “phablet” called the Optimus Vu which we reported on before (Verizons LG Optimus Vu Passes Through FCC). The Optimus Vu breaks the tradition of devices being curved or having rounded corners – it takes a different path with its hardware looking more rectangular than most phones. The Optimus Vu is ... Read More »

LTE For Sprint Officially Rolling Out


Yesterday some cities began to see LTE from Sprint although it wasn’t official from Sprint yet. Today Sprint made it official by rolling out their LTE network to: Kansas City, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta. It’s only 5 cities for now but you have to start somewhere. Hopefully we will see more areas get LTE in the near future. ... Read More »

HTC One XL coming to Germany

Vodafone have announced that they are bringing the HTC One XL to Europe, starting in Germany. They will also be bringing along triband LTE. The handset has already hit US, Asia and Australia so it’s about time. The One XL has ditched the quad-core Tegra 3 processor for a 1.5GHz dual core S4, mainly due to the fact that the ... Read More »

AT&T Expands 4G LTE Footprint to 3 New Cities

AT&T is expanding their 4G LTE footprint pretty rapidly and today they have announced three more cities (Akron, Ohio; Lafayette, Indiana; Canton, Ohio). This will certainly benefit those who have current AT&T devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4G LTE and the upcoming HTC One X. See below for the press release for the Akron rollout, with the press release ... Read More »