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LG release the Optimus F series Tomorrow – April 29th


LG Optimus F series, which was unveil at the MWC in Barcelona is going to be released in Europe. Starting with the Optimus F5, this is a mid-ranged phone that surprisingly has a package that you would find in a high-end phone. It will be unveiled in France tomorrow 29th, the F5 specs include: Qualcomm 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of ... Read More »

LG Leaks on their Nexus 5 Prototype


Even before the big Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement, Android followers were already looking at the latest set of leaked specs for LG’s take on their Nexus 5.  Normally leaked specs are not very interesting since they are overwhelming fake, but the purported LG Nexus 5 specs are just too good to ignore. Other reports also say that Google are evaluating ... Read More »

Nexus 4 Available at the Play Store


Big news, and while 24 hours have not yet passed since this happening, I feel bad for posting it this late. Nexus 4, Google’s amazing device which is being sold at the Play Store for only £239 (8GB) and £279 (16GB) is now available in the UK Stock. It went live at 3pm GMT two days ago, and while we ... Read More »

White Nexus 4 Spotted in The Wild

The Nexus phones have always been hot among the developer community. But the current king of the Nexus devices is as unobtainable as a unicorn. Due to overwhelming demand the supply of the Nexus 4 has been unable to keep up. The Nexus has been quickly selling out whenever any carrier or the play store manages to get any in stock. An ... Read More »

The Nexus 4 will not be AOSP

It seems LG have gotten away with yet another proprietary release, even a Nexus. With 4.2 being pushed into AOSP Jean-Baptiste stated that the Nexus 4 will not be AOSP: Nexus 4 is not supported in AOSP at the moment: no source files, no binaries Which raises questions as to why a Nexus device (which generally are all AOSP) is not in ... Read More »

Nexus 4: Did LG Cut Corners To Save On Costs?

There have been many reviews of the LG Nexus 4 since its official announcement however there is yet to be a proper teardown. Hence why this may have been overlooked. A recent review of one photo of the internal parts of the LG Nexus 4 by an XDA member has led to some questions about how LG put the device ... Read More »

Nexus 4 – Pure Android, Love it or Hate it.

The Android operating system, love it or, hate it. Well I love it!. Android stands for Freedom as the XDA community will tell you. It’s made great strides over the last four years and has become extremely useful and great fun to use. And with now you have over 700,000 apps to choose from the Google Play Store But if ... Read More »

Nexus 4, Will you need more space for the media storage?

With the release of the Nexus 4 only 11 days away (Nov 13th) it may be a good time to give you a heads-up at the storage capacity of the device. As many of you will know it will be coming in 8GB and 16GB flavours, with no SDcard. You will however be able to have a Free Box cloud ... Read More »