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CelleBrite Machine Shows Of Verizon’s LG Spectrum 2


We’ve seen a lot of leaks from the Spectrum 2 and we are more than sure it is coming since we’ve even seen the leaked press shots. Now we’ve seen the model number, VS-930 show up in the CelleBrite System. The model number is only 10 up from the previous spectrum, VS-920. Now we just have to wait and see ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note Coming Soon To T-Mobile


After what has seemed like months and months of rumors about this 5.3 inch phablet coming to T-Mobile we finally have confirmation. Coming from T-Mobile’s website where the device is listed as ‘coming soon’. While it’s nice to see T-Mobile is finally getting their hands on the Galaxy Note it may have been a little late. The latest rumors point ... Read More »

FCC Gets A Visit From The Motorola Razr HD


Motorola has been toying with the XT926 for a while now and we suspect that device to be the Motorola Razr HD. The device just passed through the FCC and it has bands capable of none other than Verizon’s LTE network. The device is still pretty much a mystery to us but we expect a 720P, 13MP camera, and a ... Read More »

Spectrum 2 By LG Gets Leaked


Another day, another leak this one courtesy of Techno Buffalo who leaked the Spectrum 2 by LG which is headed to Verizon. The Spectrum 2 is obviously following up the original spectrum that was released in 2011. This device while having good specs we do have to remember it is made by LG which is kind of a bummer. Does ... Read More »

Over 10 Million Samsung Galaxy SIII Devices Sold


According to a Samsung spokesperson, Shin Jong-kyun, the largest Android phone maker has now sold over 10 million of its flagship device. When Samsung started this Galaxy line I’m not sure if they ever expected it to become this big but it has. The Galaxy line has taken over Android and it is in no shape to stop anytime soon. ... Read More »

64GB Galaxy SIII Still Coming In Second Half Of 2012


When we first heard of a 64GB Samsung Galaxy SIII it was kind of amazing realizing you could possibly reach up to 128GB of storage on your phone using a 64GB sd card. Then we started to heard that it was being cancelled but now we are hearing otherwise. Android Central spoke to a Samsung’s spokesperson and they had this ... Read More »

Motorola Atrix HD Officially Available Today


The Motorola Atrix HD was announced just last week and it is officially available from AT&T today for the low price of $99. It’s not a top of the line device but certainly a good device with good specs for the price. In case you aren’t familiar with the specs the device run Android 4.0 on a 720p 4.5 inch ... Read More »

Unlocked GSM Galaxy S III Coming To Best Buy


Best Buy looks like they may have something up their sleeve with the Galaxy S III. The leaked photo of the Best Buy computer screen shows the same model number as the international unlocked version of the Galaxy S III. Of course it shows they have 0 on hand but it might be foreshadowing something that we will see in ... Read More »