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Chromecast App Now in iTunes

iTunes Chromecast

It’s been a little over a month now since people were rushing out to buy themselves a Google Chromecast however one of the complaints was the lack of support for Apple devices. Today that complaint was solved and Google released the Chromecast application for iOS. From what I can see the app works the exact same on iOS as it ... Read More »

Yahoo Rolling Out Redesign

New Yahoo

Yahoo for a long time now have been fighting an almost loosing battle against Google for search engine traffic and as part of a new strategy which will see them unveil a brand new logo in around 9 days time, they will also re-design their a lot of their site. It’s hard to say if a redesign is enough to shift ... Read More »

Facebook Add Photo Album Sharing (Just Like Google+ Party Mode)

Shared-Album-Screen (1)

Does this sound familiar? It’s Friday night and you’re at a party with friends where you all took loads of photo’s and you know that the following morning you’re going to spend ages crawling through Facebook for all the photo’s of the night’s goings on. Well if it does then things could well be about to change for you. Facebook ... Read More »

Google Palestine Hacked by HackTeach

Google Hacked

It’s never a good day when you see a Google site being hacked, especially in light of how much information the super company has on us all. It’s yet unknown how how deep the hack has gone and Google have yet to release a statement or take the site off-line however it’s not a good day for the company, especially ... Read More »

Traveling With Android & Google Apps

Google Calendar: Play Store Link

It’s that time of the year, and there are a plethora of tools available for smartphones that ease the burden of traveling.  For newer users preparing your smart device (Who uses the phone anymore?) can be pretty daunting.  For those looking for a little guidance here are some apps and settings to prepare before you leave home for an extended ... Read More »

XMPP Support get dropped from Google Hangouts


What is XMPP you say? well it stands for “Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol”, and is the industry standard protocol to allow the likes of Google Talk to move outside to exchange SMS with mobile phones and other SMS like Line, Whatsapp etc. This means that right now, Google will not allow you to exchange traditional text messages with telephone ... Read More »

Google Closing Checkout for Online Purchases, moving to Wallet


Google Checkout is closing on Nov. 20 for purchases of physical goods. Merchants will now have to find other processing services. Google’s Checkout tool, which allows customers to make purchases of services or physical goods from online vendors, is being dropped by the company as of Nov. 20. Created by Google in 2006, the service has outlived its usefulness for ... Read More »

How To Enable Google Now Notifications in Google Chrome

2013-05-14 11_01_54-chrome___flags

I’m a little late to the table with this one given that I posted the details on this last night via my Google+ page however it seems it interests a few people so here is how you enable Google Now Notifications on Google Chrome. Simply download Chrome Beta, restart the browser then type chrome://flags into Chrome and scroll all the way ... Read More »

Retro gaming with google


Are you near a computer? Are you bored? Don’t worry folks, help is at hand. Open your favourite browser and head to Google. Do an image search for atari breakout…. You’re welcome! This also works on phones if you use chrome and request desktop site, but works much better on your computer. Read More »

Google Drive Free Space Goes From 5GB to 15GB

Shared storage

Google have just announced that they plan to upgrade everyone’s Google Drive accounts from the current 5GB to 15GB. The downside of this (if you want to look at it this way) is that it’s 15GB shared between Gmail, Drive and Google+ On top of this, it could be a hint for I/O which suggests that Google are trying to ... Read More »