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Twitter shutdowns TweetDeck AIR and mobile app on May 7th


Twitter has been saying for weeks that TweetDeck’s AIR and mobile apps would be shutting down sometime in May, but we didn’t have an exact date when loyal supporters would finally have to move on. Twitter have now released the date which has been confirmed as May 7th. So in just over two weeks, Twitter will pull the plug on ... Read More »

Seeing Empty Categories in the New Play Store?


A lot of posts on Google+ and Twitter are from people who have downloaded the latest Google Play store APK and are seeing nothing in the Categories section where it’s supposed to show the things “We’ve changed a few things around here” and some apps. It would seem that this issue is a UK related one and from what can ... Read More »

Samsung Announce a Premium Suite Upgrade for GS3


The Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade will include many of the innovative and productive features newly introduced by the Galaxy Note II: The UK roll out of the Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade begins today 20th Dec Multi Window: Effortlessly utilise two different applications side-by-side simultaneously for an ultimate multitasking experience. Fun and Easy Photo Experience: ·         Through ... Read More »

How To Disable Lockscreen Widgets in Android 4.2

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Android 4.2 is here and it’s been received with mixed feelings. I have it on my Galaxy Nexus and although I love it, I can see and have replicated a lot of bugs. One feature that has been introduced in Android 4.2 is the lockscreen widgets. Now some would call this a bug, simply bugging them with disdain and not ... Read More »

[Game Review] Asphalt 7: Heat

Here we have the latest instalment in the Asphalt series of games from Gameloft. As this is the 7th instalment in the game series, we would expect there to be a severe improvement in the game to make it worth paying the £0.69 asking price. Between each instalment there have only been marginal improvements and sadly this time it’s the same case. ... Read More »

Browse All Online Photo’s with Pictarine

Today a new photo app was released called Pictarine which ties into several photography sites and offers a single dashboard to flip through all of your online photo’s. The app currently supports 11 sites which you can link via the app to make photo browsing a lot smoother between sites, including the big names such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ... Read More »

[Game Review] Total Recall

As fan of the original Total Recall film and also looking forward to the upcoming remake, this game was a must have. Coming from Jump games at a price of £0.63 I present what is the most recent in straight from the big screen games: Total Recall. Jump have decided to make this game a first person rail shooter. The ... Read More »