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Retro gaming with google


Are you near a computer? Are you bored? Don’t worry folks, help is at hand. Open your favourite browser and head to Google. Do an image search for atari breakout…. You’re welcome! This also works on phones if you use chrome and request desktop site, but works much better on your computer. Read More »

Steam deal of the day


Best deal on steam today is the excellent Dragon Age : Origins.   The game, from the makers of Mass Effect and Balder’s Gate is currently 75% off until midnight tonight (GMT).  Sadly the game is windows only, no luck Linux and Mac users :-( You can buy the game on steam using this link. Read More »

Jedi Outcast for Linux on the way

star wars jedi knight ii jedi outcast2

It doesn’t take some people long to make good of an opportunity.  Five days ago the gaming house Raven released the source for Star Wars games Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy and not one to look a gift horse in the mouth Joachim Leopold dived in and started porting Jedi Outcast to the Linux platform.  Today he posted on his ... Read More »

Humble Bundle for Android 5

Its here! The 5th bundle of games for Android brought together in a charity event by Humble. Pay what you want for great android games, many of which making their first appearance on Android and also redeemable on Steam. Check the video below for more details. Six thrilling games for home and on the go. Humble Bundle with Android 5 ... Read More »

Amiga Inc. bring retro games to the PlayBook™ and BlackBerry® 10

Amiga Inc.

The Amiga was a game changing console in the 80s. Many people won’t even be aware of its existence. Most of their games aren’t even in 3D! However for those classic gamers out there, here is a list of the titles from the Amiga that have been released especially for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ and BlackBerry® 10. Alien Breed Alien Breed Special ... Read More »

Nvidia Open Up GeForce Experience For All – Aims To Optimize Games Accordingly To A Users Hardware.


A little over a month ago Nvidia released, Gefore Experience, a gaming optimization tool, but it was as a closed beta. Thousands of gamers downloaded the application and helped shape it ready for everyone. It is now released for all you gamers out there in an open beta stage. The software uses hardware detection and a clever proprietary cloud database ... Read More »

App Review – Smart Launcher, It Certainly is Different

Smart Launcher is an innovative launcher distinguished by a minimalist design, low memory usage and an user-friendly UI that let you start any application with a few taps. It is currently the only launcher on the store to features automatic cataloguing of installed apps! The project is developed by Vincenzo Colucci, so if you have any suggestions to  make Smart Launcher better ... Read More »

Play Any OnLive And Android Game With GameKeyboard: Touchscreen Controls And Emulated Configuration For All


Love Android, gaming and OnLive? If you are rooted and running an Android device with 3.1 or above you are in luck. You can play any OnLive game with touchscreen controls emulating a gamepad for easy gaming and it’s all configurable as well. How i hear you ask? Well their is a fantastic little application by developers Locnet called Gamekeyboard. ... Read More »

MadFinger Games Has A “Reward” Coming In The Next Update For The Original Non Pirating Buyers Of Dead Trigger


MadFinger recently come out and were quite vocal in their views on piracy within Android. This resulted in making the originally paid game, Dead Trigger, into a free one. Of course it made the people who purchased the game a little disgruntled – Me included – But fear not as Madfinger have not forgotten about us who buy apps and ... Read More »