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How the Nexus 7 Made Me Forget About Benchmarks


Through my work at Best Mobile Contracts, I’m required to test and evaluate a wide range of Android-powered devices. That’s really just the official-ish way of saying, “I’m lucky enough to play about with smartphones and tablets and call it work”, but the point is that a good number of these devices have passed through my hands In the past, ... Read More »

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Getting OTA On July 26th


Not Jelly Bean but the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is still getting an OTA that will bring new enhancments to the device. It isn’t a huge update and won’t bring too much new and exciting to the device but it is still welcomed. The update will modify the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator), will bring support for Sprint TV, and will ... Read More »

Marriage proposal the Android way

  As any Android lover knows, romance and Android goes hand-in-hand.  That’s how Android guys know that true romance doesn’t involve flowers, chocolates or balcony serenades.  What a Android gal really wants is a Galaxy Nexus with a specially customized boot animation. This is how one reddit user decided to pop the question… I’m sure it goes without saying that ... Read More »

Takju Users Get OTA Update for Galaxy Nexus – 4.1.1


If you are reading this thinking “what the hell is Takju and how to I know if I’m a Takju GNEX user” then stop reading and pop over to HERE where all will be revealed. The US GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus is now pushing out the 4.1.1 update to those who were running the 4.1.0 preview build. Not ... Read More »

Nexus Available From the Play Store

So a couple of days ago the Galaxy Nexus was removed from the Play Store following on from one of Apple’s many injunctions they have taken out recently. However from today the flagship Android phone is now once again available from the Play Store. Although the device can be purchased from the store the device won’t ship for 2-3 weeks.  ... Read More »

Galaxy Nexus Pulled From Play Store, Google Confirms Why

If anyone tries buying a Google Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store today they will be met with the “coming soon” message displayed above. Google have explained why! The company confirmed to ABC News today that the smartphone has in fact been pulled from sale as a result of Judge Lucy Koh’s recent decision to not lift the injunction against ... Read More »

Galaxy Nexus no longer available in US play store

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is no longer available for sale in the US Google Play store following the preliminary injunction raising by Apple and the rejection of Samsung’s appeal to delay the ban. The Galaxy Nexus entry and price remain unchanged, however the online store lists availability as “Coming Soon” and offers the chance to sign up to be notified when ... Read More »