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Steve Kondik Bids Farewell to Samsung after 18 Months


Steve Kondik is a name that nearly every Android fan or developer will know very well, the man behind CyanogenMod and all round Android Legend has decided to call it a day at Samsung without given hints as to what lays ahead for his career. The announcement that he had left Samsung wasn’t a huge one, it was literally a ... Read More »

Official CyanogenMod 10 Alpha Lands on Nook Colour

Although most of you who know about the Great work the CyanogenMod team does, you may have been forgiven if you thought that Jellybean/CM10 hitting various devices was in the slow lane. Well the latest news is that the team have been working hard on a CM10 alpha version for the Nook Colour. The project was a long time in ... Read More »

Internation Samsung Galaxy S II Gets CyangoenMod 10


The I9100 has been grace with a delicious Jelly Bean treat thanks to Teamhacksung. The ROM is just a preview of CyanogenMod 10 so of course there will be bugs and it will not be perfect but these previews have been pretty stable on most devices so far. I’m running a preview build as my daily driver and it doesn’t ... Read More »

Nexus Q gets CM9 build

  The Nexus Q, otherwise known as Google’s glowing ball, has had it’s own little version of CyanogenMod 9 built for it by developer Jason Parker. According to his Google+ post, the Bluetooth and WiFi work, with the sound being a bit of a mess, but more should be expected to come in the future! Source: Jason Parkers Google+ Read More »

Jelly Bean released in the wild

I'm Watch 1

As promised, Google have released the source code for Android 4.1, allowing the developer masses to tear it apart.  What is most anticipated is when the development groups will be able to integrate the changes into the existing base code of their custom ROMs. As reported last week, the CyanogenMod team predict a fast turnaround.  AOKP (another large development group) ... Read More »

Jelly Bean is coming with CyanogenMod 10

When Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) was announced at Google I/O all we wanted to know was when we would get our hands on that buttery smoothness.  The Galaxy Nexus phone will begin shipping with Jelly Bean next week (it addresses the universal search Apple patent that is currently preventing shipment in the US), with the Nexus 7 tablet also shipping ... Read More »

CyanogenMod 9 RC1 Released

Have you been waiting for CyanogenMod 9 to mature before you got a taste for some tasty Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4) on your phone? Well! Now is the time! The first Release Candidate for CM9 has been built and released for a truck load of devices, with some possibly still building. CM9 brings with it new features such as ... Read More »

CyanogenMod Introduces Cid Into Their New Boot Animation

cyanogen  cyanogen  on Twitter

The CyanogenMod team have released a nice little new boot animation, and this time folks it features Cid! It was tweeted just now by Steve Kondik himself and stuck on their Google + page as well, and is now uploaded onto YouTube of course. It shows off the new custom boot animation for the new CM9’s builds made by Cameron ... Read More »

CyanogenMod 7.2 RC3 Released

  Release Candidate number 3 for CM7.2 has been built for the supported CyanogenMod devices. In addition, it appears that a more ‘human’ name of each device appears under the build list in addition to what used to just be the code names, which was confusing for some. Go and grab it for your phone now! Source: CyanogenMod Download Page Via: @MattTurnbull3 Read More »

CyanogenMod 7.2 RC2 Released

That’s right! Release Candidate number 2 for CM7.2 has been built for a whole tonne of supported CyanogenMod devices, with others being built now. Go and grab it for your phone now! Source: CyanogenMod Download Page Read More »