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HTC First Now $.99 at AT&T on New Activations


It looks like the HTC First A.K.A. The Facebook phone is now on sale for just $.99 cents on the AT&T Website with a two year contract. Although I would never use this phone, people that are on the fence about this device can now pick it up for a buck and do so in good conscious and if someone offered ... Read More »

AT&T Windows Phone BOGOF Deal Extended


If you are in the market for an upgrade or a new phone then deals don’t come much better than this just now. AT&T have extended their offer for a free wireless charging plate for every new Nokia Lumia 920 bought until February 21st 2013 however take that aside for the moment and look at the other offer on the ... Read More »

HTC Auto Boot.img Installer One-Click Flashing

Over the recent months one-click flashing tools have multiplied on the XDA website. The development of these one-click-tools is to help the new to moderate users to modify their Android device. For most rooted users, experience with ADB and Fastboot is generally limited to rooting and the occasional digital voyage into other types of mods. Now, the AT&T HTC One ... Read More »

AT&T’s Latest 4G Commercial Features 100% Lumia


If you follow the networks closely like we do then you will probably have noticed how little Windows Phone has featured in advertisements recently, usually they are dominated by the Android brand however the latest advert (released yesterday) by AT&T shows only the Lumia 920 and not others. Whilst this wasn’t an Windows Phone based advertising campaign it now shows ... Read More »

AT&T directing customers away from the iPhone

It seems that AT&T have been deliberately trying to stop sales of iPhones in there stores. The reason for this? We don’t know. All we do know is that AT&T iPhone activations grew by as little as 3% in the second quarter of this year. It seems that regional sales reatil managers have been instructing store managers to push sales of Android ... Read More »

HTC One X+ Appears in Benchmark

On Nenmark2 benchmark, an unpublished smartphone has appeared. The PM63100 or the HTC One X+. The handset is pretty much the same as the standard One X but features a 1.7 GHz processor and will run Android 4.1.1 . The handset has the codename HTC Evitaire and will be introduced to the US on At&t. See the benchmark result below ... Read More »

Sprint’s LTE Network Officially Launched

Yesterday saw the official launch of Sprin’s long anticipated LTE network in Kansas City, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta. While this is only a small number of cities, Sprint does plan on expanding their LTE network as quickly as they can. Sprint have been eager to match the LTE speeds of Verizon and AT&T’s LTE networks. If any of our readers ... Read More »

Motorola Atrix HD Officially Available Today


The Motorola Atrix HD was announced just last week and it is officially available from AT&T today for the low price of $99. It’s not a top of the line device but certainly a good device with good specs for the price. In case you aren’t familiar with the specs the device run Android 4.0 on a 720p 4.5 inch ... Read More »

No Lapdock Capabilities For The Motorola Atrix HD


The original lapdock wasn’t a huge hit with anyone so Motorola and AT&T are choosing not to go that route again. The lapdock was way overpriced and not worth the money at all. The lapdock was an overpriced laptop like shell that would give your device full PC like functions but it didn’t work out well in anyway. The function ... Read More »