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Asus VivoMouse a Multi-Touch Trackpad with a Cool look


Asus has launched the VivoMouse, a wireless mouse which doubles as a multi-touch trackpad — the first of its kind, claims Asus The futuristic-looking device is not the first to try to reinvent the mouse, but it also functions as a wireless remote, making it quite a versatile little thing. The circular trackpad supports Windows 8 multi-touch gestures such as ... Read More »

Acer C7 Chromebook Review


I was lucky enough to get a Samsung XE303C12 Chromebook to test a couple of months ago, and I have now had a chance to test Samsung’s competitor in the budget Chromebook marketplace, the Acer C7.  While a lot of the last review focused on the Chrome OS, this time I will compare the two units to hopefully give anyone considering ... Read More »

Asus FonePad arrives in the UK

On April the 26th! Sorry to get your hopes up guys :). Tech radar reports that the device will sell for £179.99 which is only £20 more than the 16GB Nexus – not bad. The Asus FonePad is one of the few tablet/ phone combinations or phablet that is actually being marketed as a dedicated phone. The device is powered ... Read More »

Nexus 4 – Pure Android, Love it or Hate it.

The Android operating system, love it or, hate it. Well I love it!. Android stands for Freedom as the XDA community will tell you. It’s made great strides over the last four years and has become extremely useful and great fun to use. And with now you have over 700,000 apps to choose from the Google Play Store But if ... Read More »

Transformer Pad Infinity Coming To The UK August 31st.


One of the best tablets on the market right now, the Transformer Pad Infinity by Asus, will be coming to the UK on August 31st and it won’t be coming cheap. According to Asus the 64GB version with the keyboard dock will cost you £599.99 and for those in the US that translates to around $900. The 64GB version cost ... Read More »

Jelly Bean Running On The Transformer Prime Thanks To Developers


The Transformer Prime was the first quad-core device and Asus has committed to updating it to Android 4.1 but why wait when developers can get it done much faster. Bumbledroid has posted two videos of 4.1.1 running on the TF201 that can be seen below. Bubledroid is part of the team and he also brought CM9 to the device. ... Read More »

Asus Transformer Combining Windows with Android?

ASUS has been releasing a plentiful amount of teasers lately for their new unknown Transformer. In their latest teaser they show water droplets dividing into two. Inside one droplet is the Android logo and the other a Windows logo. Their last phrase “All in One is no longer in one”, is most likely an innuendo for a dual booting tablet. ... Read More »

Google Asus Nexus Tablet benchmark results leaked

A benchmark result for a device named “Google ASUS Nexus 7″ has leaked out showing promising results and including some revealing data… The model name “Nexus 7″ would seem to confirm the 7″ form factor. The codename is “grouper” following the fish codename convention normally used by Google. It has a 768×1280 (tablet-like) resolution. The build number is JRN51B with ... Read More »

[Unboxing] Asus Transformer Prime GPS Dongle


The GPS Dongle promised by Asus has finally arrived, and we have picture, and quick first impressions to share with you. First take a look at the pictures then read the first impressions. First impressions the dongle is super light and pretty thin overall. The design reminds me of the look that the latch on the dock has. The dongle ... Read More »