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Google Calendar updated on Android

Google Calendar: Play Store Link

Google have just recently updated their Google Calendar application with some great new features for those running Android 4.2.1 and above Arriving on the update is the ability to have custom colours for events and calendars right in the app, as previously available. ![Color, date and time in the new Google Calendar](×201.png) Also a new date and time picker makes ... Read More »

BSkyB Android App Hacking Situation: An Update

Sky attacked by Syrian Electronic Army on Google Play

For those that may have missed the news, Sky’s twitter and Android Developer accounts were compromised, and there is a suggestion that the apps themselves may have been hacked too – full information here: Sky have been very quiet on the situation and indeed it does not seem that they have regained control of their main sky twitter account ... Read More »

BSkyB Android apps hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Sky attacked by Syrian Electronic Army on Google Play

BSkyB in the United Kingdom has had it’s Android apps on Google Play replaced and defaced by the “Syrian Electronic Army” Sky are advising everyone who has had these apps installed to remove them as soon as they can. If you have friends and family using these applications on Android, get them to remove them as soon as they can. ... Read More »

App – Review Splay Launcher Simplicity at its Heart


Back in 2009 Else, tried and failed to change the smartphone world, when launching the new Linux-based smartphone, the First Else. Now however Else has released the Else Splay Launcher on Google Play, so you can get some of that thumb navigation action on your current Android device. The Splay Launcher doesn’t go as far as the UI on the ... Read More »

VLC 2.0.6 (twoflower) now out for all platforms

The popular media playback app VLC (Video Lan Player) has been updated to version 2.0.6 and released now for all platforms.  The media player can be downloaded directly from the VLC homepage.   VLC list the following changes in this version. 2.0.6 is an important update that fixes some regressions of the 2.0.x branch of VLC. 2.0.6 introduces support for Matroska v4 ... Read More »

Android apps lifting the spirits at BlackBerry’s App World


Well it looks like BlackBerry’s App World is ballooning quite nicely thank you as the apps total has passed the 100,000 mark. This does not mean that Dev’s have been working overtime to release apps for the BlackBerry 10, as approximately 20% are android apps ported to App World to work on the BB 10   Now you BB10 users, ... Read More »

Feedly as a Google Reader alternative


By Sami Mughal I was not alone who got annoyed, angry and a bit hurt when they logged into their Google Reader and found that the much loved RSS reader had decided to take an (early) retirement and will be becoming one with the likes of Google Wave on the 1st of July. It meant I spent the next few ... Read More »

A Month In Apps – March 2013


Welcome back to my column – For those that missed the first here I will be summarising how I have used my phone in the last month, well, in regard to apps anyway. People seem to think that I have an eye for finding applications that others may have missed so hopefully in reading this you will find some gems, ... Read More »

Samsung and EA reveal revenue deals for developers


When it comes to downloading apps, most if not all of us head straight for Google’s Play Store. We don’t think of heading for Samsung Apps, unless they are giving away free stuff. Samsung Apps has been in the background because of limited apps in their catalogue when compared to the Play Store. Now comes good news that Samsung has ... Read More »