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Chromecast App Now in iTunes

iTunes Chromecast

It’s been a little over a month now since people were rushing out to buy themselves a Google Chromecast however one of the complaints was the lack of support for Apple devices. Today that complaint was solved and Google released the Chromecast application for iOS. From what I can see the app works the exact same on iOS as it ... Read More »

Feedly as a Google Reader alternative


By Sami Mughal I was not alone who got annoyed, angry and a bit hurt when they logged into their Google Reader and found that the much loved RSS reader had decided to take an (early) retirement and will be becoming one with the likes of Google Wave on the 1st of July. It meant I spent the next few ... Read More »

Review of the Otterbox Defender for iPhone 5

Photo 2013-02-24 02.40.21 PM

The Otterbox series of cases have been around for a while now and are the go to case for those who work in harsh environments or are just plain clumsy. My girlfriend is in the latter category and so I threw one of these cases on to get an idea on just how good the protection is. Let’s start with ... Read More »

HTC Isn’t Dead Yet – But It Is Feeling Mighty Sick


Here we are in 2013, and looking back on 2012 we find that smartphone maker HTC had a dismal 2012. That’s not news by any stretch of the imagination, the company’s troubles have been well documented. Samsung, the gigantic player of the mobile industry, basically beat up HTC and stole its lunch money. Apple, that conniving and clever older sister, ... Read More »

Paris Apple store held up at gunpoint


Sky news today reported that the Apple store in Paris was held up by armed robbers on New Years Eve. The gang allegedly took advantage of the fact that the cities police force had been deployed to deal with revelers celebrating at the Champs Elysée to make off with stock valued at roughly one million euros. Read More »

Easy-Doks Provides Solution for Charging Your Devices


If you’re like me, you tend to charge your devices over night while you’re sleeping so when you start your day out they’re all ready to go. But the common problem I face when I do that is I tend to have devices spread all over the house charging like a Bluetooth headset, Sony Xperia T, Samsung Galaxy S3, and ... Read More »

It’s back! Google Maps returns to iOS… Cue cheers!

iOS maps

iOS owners rejoice as Google Maps finally returned to Apple devices! In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months and don’t understand why everyone is so excited, basically Apple removed Google Maps from their devices in a recent update and replaced it with Apple Maps, which was a pretty terrible map app that didn’t know its left ... Read More »

Nokia Take a Shot at Apple


It seems everyone is looking to take the p*ss out of Apple these days with Samsung pretty much gearing a full range of adverts to poke fun at the fruity giant and now it’s the turn of Nokia. I won’t spoil the video for you but needless to say parts of it are very true but slightly exaggerated. Image Credit Read More »

Google hits 700,000 Android apps

Google now has 700,000 Android apps available via its Play Store, revealing the figure a week after Apple said it had reached the same milestone for its App Store, reports Bloomberg. Apple said it had hit this mark at the same time as revealing its total download number had topped 35 billion. Google said in September it had passed the ... Read More »