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Xbox Video now available on Windows Phone

WP_XBV_Movie store

Streaming media is now in the forefront of everyone’s faces and no matter if your platform is Android, Apple, BlackBerry* or Windows Phone you have access to a wide range of choices from Netflix through to the platforms own stores. Microsoft have today announced that they have released Xbox Video to the Windows Phone platform. In terms of cost there ... Read More »

Tapatalk for Windows Phone is now available


Introducing Tapatalk for Windows Phone Your Windows Phone experience is now completed with Tapatalk, at last. We’re excited to introduce Tapatalk to millions of Windows Phone users – now you can troll, participate, or whatever you call it, in over 60,000 internet communities on-the-go. The wait is finally over – Introducing the official Tapatalk for Windows Phone! Discover great internet ... Read More »

How to Remove McAfee Ant-Virus the John McAfee Way

On occasion we are tipped to some strange things on the internet which we choose to ignore however my work colleague recently shared this YouTube video of John McAfee (the founder of McAfee anti-virus) showing how to remove the anti-virus software in his own unique way. It’s worth saying that Mr McAfee has had nothing to do with the company ... Read More »

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Now Available


If you’re the creative type this this news will likely make you smile. Adobe have today unveiled Photoshop Lightroom 5 which is available at and participating retailers for £102.57 or £57.64 for upgrades. I’m not creative enough to use this software however I know from experience that the work that can be produced using this software is something out ... Read More »

BT removing 6 million Customers from Yahoo Mail in June


  BT, the UK telecom giant, is pulled its 6 million users off Yahoo Mail after 10 years. According to BT the change will happen next month (June). We don’t know at this time if flickr will be interrupted. To make matters worse BT have closed the comments section before it’s even opened. The company announced the move on Thursday. ... Read More »

Nokia Lumia 720 Review


  Before I go anywhere with this review I want to say that I haven’t used a Nokia device since owning one of their best ever handsets, the Nokia N95. The reason for that is not anything to do with disliking of Nokia, on the contrary I have always loved Nokia but being such a huge Android lover and with ... Read More »

Why I’ll Be Sticking With Spotify over Google Music


On Wednesday Google announced “Google Play Music All Access”, a streaming service very much likened to Spotify and at the same price too. I’ve been a premium Spotify user for around 6 months now and here’s why I won’t be making the jump to the new Google service when it launches in the UK, even if it launches at £7.99 ... Read More »