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KDE Connect – KDE and Android integration

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Every now an then a little project comes along that you can see real benefit in, and Albert Vaka has definitely come up with one of them with KDE Connect.  What Albert is working on is integrating your Android handset with the KDE desktop environment.  The integration that has been achieved so far is a two way deal, with notifications ... Read More »

How to Remove McAfee Ant-Virus the John McAfee Way

On occasion we are tipped to some strange things on the internet which we choose to ignore however my work colleague recently shared this YouTube video of John McAfee (the founder of McAfee anti-virus) showing how to remove the anti-virus software in his own unique way. It’s worth saying that Mr McAfee has had nothing to do with the company ... Read More »

BT removing 6 million Customers from Yahoo Mail in June


  BT, the UK telecom giant, is pulled its 6 million users off Yahoo Mail after 10 years. According to BT the change will happen next month (June). We don’t know at this time if flickr will be interrupted. To make matters worse BT have closed the comments section before it’s even opened. The company announced the move on Thursday. ... Read More »

Why I’ll Be Sticking With Spotify over Google Music


On Wednesday Google announced “Google Play Music All Access”, a streaming service very much likened to Spotify and at the same price too. I’ve been a premium Spotify user for around 6 months now and here’s why I won’t be making the jump to the new Google service when it launches in the UK, even if it launches at £7.99 ... Read More »

How To Enable Google Now Notifications in Google Chrome

2013-05-14 11_01_54-chrome___flags

I’m a little late to the table with this one given that I posted the details on this last night via my Google+ page however it seems it interests a few people so here is how you enable Google Now Notifications on Google Chrome. Simply download Chrome Beta, restart the browser then type chrome://flags into Chrome and scroll all the way ... Read More »

Samsung Announce World’s First 5G Mobile Technology


On the 11th of September 2012 Everything Everywhere (EE) launched the UK’s first 4G based LTE (Long Term Evolution), a massive 6 years behind South Korea who launched their variant of 4G technology (WiMAX) in April 2006. Jump ahead 7 years and we are now looking at 5G technology based on a press release issued by Samsung today. I’m no expert ... Read More »

Introducing Land of Technology V3.5


It’s been a little under a year since we launched our new site theme however it was lacking in a lot of areas and some of the things we wanted to add to the site just weren’t possible. Add to that the fact that our mobile site never really looked right and well that’s enough for us to change the ... Read More »

Ubuntu Malware Removal Toolkit


Malware is a major issue on Windows systems, especially older versions of the OS.  If you are lucky an infection will be non-intrusive and very easily detected and cleaned but often things do not run so smoothly.  Too often users don’t bother to scan their PC’s or in some cases have no protection installed at all, and before too long ... Read More »

Ubuntu Touch 1.0 pencilled in for October release


Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon has published details of a Canonical client sprint held in Oakland he attended last week focusing on the Ubuntu Touch operating system.  Jono revealed that the currently there are 15 engineering teams, 5 design teams and 5 service teams comprising of over one hundred and fifty people working on the project with the goal being an October ... Read More »

Linux kernel v3.9 adds full Chrome OS support


Linus Torvalds has hit the button on Version 3.9, unleashing the latest Linux kernel onto the world and at the same time bringing some good news for Chromebook tinkerers. The update builds on the Chromebook Pixel tweak we saw back in February by adding support for components in “Chrome laptops sold by many companies” — with the changelog specifically mentioning ... Read More »