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Carphone Warehouse Drop BlackBerry Z10 Price

blackberry z10

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the BlackBerry Z10 though it seems very few others are (for whatever reason) as is shown by a huge price drop from the UK’s leading high street phone store. With £120 dropped off the price you can now pick up the the flagship for £259.95 which is a steal for it really. ... Read More »

BlackBerry 9720 Passes Through GCF

Certified Devices 9720 m1

The BlackBerry 9720 has been rumoured for some time now and recently more images like the one below have cropped up however there has been no firm proof that BlackBerry were releasing the handset until a few days ago when the handset appeared on the GCF website (the UK equivalent of the FCC without the bells and whistles) .   ... Read More »

BlackBerry Link for windows Updated to v1.1.1.32


BlackBerry decided to drop an update to BlackBerry Link for Windows today. We also believe that the Mac app as also been updated but we can’t verify if that’s the case. If any one out there with a Mac using a BlackBerry 10 device please give us a shout out if this is the case. The new update brings us ... Read More »

Snugg Tan Pouch Case Review for the BlackBerry Q10


The BlackBerry Q10 is relatively new to the market however with it’s touch screen / qwerty split it makes it more important to keep protected than most other BlackBerry handsets so I’ve been looking at some Q10 cases recently and today I’ll cover a pouch based case from The Snugg Read More »

BlackBerry’s to release new phone in November, all-touchscreen A10


BlackBerry’s next flagship smartphone, the all-touchscreen BlackBerry A10, will launch during the holidays, according to CNET. The BlackBerry A10 is the successor to the Z10, and further builds upon the company’s BB10 OS line-up of devices. This will move the A10 to the top of the hierarchy with both the Z10 and Q10 below, followed by the R5 and Q5. ... Read More »

SayIt receives update again to version 2.2.0


SayIt is regarded as it’s the number one voice recognition application and personal assistant for BlackBerry 10. And so it should, it work right-out-of-the-box. Now comes even more updates for the app. Although it’s not free, cost is £2.50 it’s well worth the fee if you’re going to use it regularly. It has had regular updates since its launch and another ... Read More »

WhatsApp For BlackBerry 10 Updated


Those of you who use WhatsApp Messenger on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone should see an update to your cross platform messenger in BlackBerry World. The update is version 2.10.8002.1 and includes start up performances and various bug fixes. WhatsApp Messenger utilizes your existing internet data plan to help you stay in touch with friends, colleagues and family. First year FREE! ... Read More »

BlackBerry Increase Components Order Due to Strong Sales of BB 10


Seeking Alpha posted a quick little tidbit we thought we’d share with you. It looks like sales are going great and now BlackBerry is buying more components for more devices. This is really great news, it shows BlackBerry Keeps Moving in the right direction. I’ll share the tidbit with you and let us know what you think. BlackBerry (BBRY) has ... Read More »

BT removing 6 million Customers from Yahoo Mail in June


  BT, the UK telecom giant, is pulled its 6 million users off Yahoo Mail after 10 years. According to BT the change will happen next month (June). We don’t know at this time if flickr will be interrupted. To make matters worse BT have closed the comments section before it’s even opened. The company announced the move on Thursday. ... Read More »

BlackBerry getting ready to release BBM for Android and iOS


When it was announced at the BlackBerry live that BBM Channels were going to Android and iOS there was some mixed feelings. After it had sunked in there was a positive feeling as many users who had moved over to either Android or the iOS platforms. It will allow them to keep in touch or should I say renew acquaintances ... Read More »