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Doro PhoneEasy 622 Review


  Take yourself back to a time when mobile phones had standby times of around 16 days and clamshell designs were not only cool but they were must have. You’re there now? Great! Well let’s begin… A number of months ago I started to took at look at some of the offerings that Doro had, to see where their place ... Read More »

Snugg Tan Pouch Case Review for the BlackBerry Q10


The BlackBerry Q10 is relatively new to the market however with it’s touch screen / qwerty split it makes it more important to keep protected than most other BlackBerry handsets so I’ve been looking at some Q10 cases recently and today I’ll cover a pouch based case from The Snugg Read More »

Nokia Lumia 720 Review


  Before I go anywhere with this review I want to say that I haven’t used a Nokia device since owning one of their best ever handsets, the Nokia N95. The reason for that is not anything to do with disliking of Nokia, on the contrary I have always loved Nokia but being such a huge Android lover and with ... Read More »

BlackBerry Z10 Battery Charger Bundle Review


  4 Month ago I was lucky enough to receive a BlackBerry Z10 and in that 4 month I’ve used it a lot however not as much as I would like to have. Why? Well the answer is simple and surprisingly it has nothing to do with apps, it’s the battery life. 3 days after I received the BlackBerry Z10 ... Read More »

HTC One Review


I don’t think it comes as a surprise to many that HTC have been put under pressure recently to release somewhat of a show stopper, what with their profits falling – seemingly month on month, and sales of last years releases of the One Series, in all of its numerous iterations, possibly not selling as much as they would have hoped. Mix ... Read More »

HTC One Speck GemShell Case Review

htc one speck GemShell

  A few weeks ago Gary reviewed the HTC One Speck CandyShell Grip and scored it 3 out of 5. Today I will look at an alternative to this case from the same retailer. The HTC One Speck GemShell Case is completely see-thru and is fairly expensive in the realms of phone cases so how does this case compare to the one Gary reviewed ... Read More »

Floating Notifications Application Review


  For those of you like us at Land of Technology, that have been waiting to get something like Paranoid Android’s HALO notification feature, might want to check out “floating notifications” Alpha 3. XDA member crazyfool_1 has brought this HALO-like notification app to us for free through his XDA thread. He stresses that this is not HALO, but it is ... Read More »

HTC One Hard Shell Case Review

htc one hard shell case

  When you have a handset that costs £510 it’s very unlikely that you would want to use it without protection. The HTC One, despite having an all metal body, sadly isn’t as sturdy as we would hope it would be with the top and bottom speaker grills being held together with glue so with that in mind I have ... Read More »

F1 Timing 2013 App Review

F1 header image

Formula one is not everyone’s cup of tea, but those who like it tend to really like it!  Personally I love it.  I am always disappointed when companion apps for a sport like this are few in number and generally of a poor quality, that is until you look at the officially licensed F1 Timing app.  This app offers something ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 / Note 2 Smart Dock Review


Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and girls, nerds of all ages, I’m back from a much needed break, and i’m back with a BANG! My next few posts are all hardware reviews and they’re all going to be amazing. We’re kicking off with a life changing device that may not be a big deal for some users out there, but in ... Read More »