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KDE Connect – KDE and Android integration

Screenshot from 2013-08-15 10:45:50

Every now an then a little project comes along that you can see real benefit in, and Albert Vaka has definitely come up with one of them with KDE Connect.  What Albert is working on is integrating your Android handset with the KDE desktop environment.  The integration that has been achieved so far is a two way deal, with notifications ... Read More »

ZTE to sell FFOS Open handset on eBay in UK and US


ZTE have announced that they will be selling their budget Firefox OS device, the Open directly on eBay.  The phone which will be sold in the new orange colour will be made available to customers worldwide through their UK and US eBay accounts. Priced at £59.99 ($79.99) the phone won’t break the bank of you fancy trying out something different ... Read More »

HTC One Sense 4.2.2 ROM leaked


Hot on the heals of the news that the Google Experience HTC One is official comes a Sense leak for 4.2.2.  Unlike Samsung, leaked HTC ROM’s don’t come out all that often so this is actually a decent find.  It also suggests that the final release is probably pretty close and could be out before the Google Experience version goes ... Read More »

Lego Star Wars for ALL


Lego recently added to their list of Android apps with the inclusion of The Yoda Chronicles. The game lets players choose as an a apprentice of either Yoda, or if you prefer the dark side, Count Duku.  Sounds good right.  And now you want to download it.  Sadly you can’t, that is unless you happen to have an Xperia handset you ... Read More »

Google Play Games achievements confirmed

Screenshot from 2013-05-15 16:17:58

Eufloria HD on the Play Store has updated, and as a consequence in the ‘what’s new’ tab they list Google Play Games achievements as one of the new additions.  This is something which has been expected for a little while but now it is confirmed and looks as though it will be going live tonight. Read More »

Fantastic web use image from linux hacker


An anonymous Linux hacker has created a fantastic moving gif of internet use throughout the world.  Using a botnet installed onto 420,000 computers the gif shows a time lapse of internet use resulting in this amazing image. Although highly illegal the ‘attack’ was only carried out on admin level computers without root set as a password.  Worrying?  Sure, but maybe worth it ... Read More »

Google Maps for desktop update sneak peek

Google desktop maps is gearing up for a whole new look and feel.  Last night a new sign up page went ‘live’ for a short while allowing a glimpse of what is on the way.  Luckily the guys over at Droid Life managed to explore a little before it was taken back down (probably awaiting the official IO announcement).  As you ... Read More »

IO2013 – What We Think We Know So Far

Google IO 2013 starts in roughly seven hours from now, so what do we think we are going to see announced.  We must remember that we have been warned by Google that this year will not have a large focus on hardware, it will be mainly software orientated.  However, that being said, here are the rumours (including hardware ones, however ... Read More »

Galaxy S4 Google Edition – I/O Rumours

With no prospect of a new Nexus handset at IO this year Samsung and Google may have just concocted the next best thing.  A top of the range this gen handset running stock Android.  Early this morning the guys over at reported that the device will be announced today during IO.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition will NOT be a ... Read More »