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Jawbone UP Review: Getting Fit With Technology


The UP band I’m a proud geek and fitness fanatic. This combo means I just love fitness gadgets! There’s been a wave of fitness tracking apps and wearables but the first to gain traction (and a lot of criticism) is the Jawbone UP. v1 was pretty much a disaster (Google it if you want to find out more), can Jawbone ... Read More »

Google Nexus 10 Review

Nexus 10 Portrait Mode

Rarer than an honest politician, I’ve finally got my paws on a Nexus 10. Is it the big tablet Android fans are waiting for? Or is it just a very expensive dust collecting frisbee? Read on to find out more. The Price. A fairly reasonable £319 or £389 from the Google Play Store – when they’re in stock. They come ... Read More »

Google Play – The Killer Content Provider?

I’m sitting here hitting refresh on my laptop. You’re wondering why I’m doing this, probably. Well, I’ll tell you. I’m playing with Google’s Knowledge Graph. I’m a big fan of Nordic Noir, and the third season of The Killing is imminent. The trailer features a song from UNKLE, one of my favourite bands when I was younger. So out of curiosity I ... Read More »

Developers – it’s time to take Android tablets seriously

There’s been a long in the tooth joke going around tech circles that there is no such thing as a tablet market, there’s just an iPad market. Unfortunately, if you’re still using that line you’re about as funny as getting repeatedly kicked in the nethers because a new report out on tablet computer marketshare today shows that the iPad, from ... Read More »

Google Now – your smartphone personal trainer?

I woke up this morning to find this on Google Now. Yes, it’s a bit damp and chilly today but the interesting card is above – Google Now is measuring how far I walk and cycle. It doesn’t take too much of a leap in imagination to see this expanding into FitBit style data tracking. It seems a touch inaccurate ... Read More »

We’ve seen the hardware (ooh, shiny) – now for the apps…

If you’re remotely interested in tech you can’t have missed the big Android / Nexus launches. Touch of genius from the Big G to time it so precisely that it overwhelmed something else that was meant to happen, what was it? Windows Phone something or other. There was the Nexus 4, which wasn’t much of a surprise but looks pretty ... Read More »

What I’d like to see from Android 4.2 – the user perspective

There’s a big storm over New York which has thrown off a few big launch events, including the Android / Nexus launch. Considering the scale of the storm and the fact that the NYSE has shut down, this is definitely the right decision. It also gives me time to put a few things down on my Android 4.2 wishlist. Since ... Read More »