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Ubuntu for Android is not dead

With the release and very public push by Canonical of Ubuntu Touch coupled with with deafening silence of the project you would be forgiven for thinking that Ubuntu for Android had been put out to pasture.  However last night during his weekly question and answer session Jono Bacon the Ubuntu community manager confirmed to me that rather being forgot about Ubuntu for Android was still very much alive and being actively worked on.


Jono stated that the project was being worked on in conjunction with Ubuntu Touch, but was unable to give any more detail as both handset projects are still currently the subject of discussion between Canonical and a OEM carrier mix.


Ubuntu for Android first hit the headlines well over a year ago with many hoping it would have been released by now.

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  • Derrick Gary Coleman

    I think you’re thinking of Jono *Bacon*

    • Ubuntu Bhoy

      Yes and thanks, very obviously I mean Jono Bacon. I posted while going round the shops with my wife so never got a chance to give this a proof read, apologies to ask, especially Mr Bacon.