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Proprietary files of various CyangenMod repos taken down

A company called DXO has requested the takedown of many proprietary file repos from CyanogenMod projects on GitHub

The repos used to collect or allow users to extract the binaries required for Android to run, mainly for the creation of custom roms for many devices have been removed. The company, DXO issued a DCMA takedown request to GitHub claiming:

Violation(s): Trafficking a device that circumvents effective access controls and/or trafficking a device that circumvents effective copyright protection measures.

The company provide many imaging solutions, which are mainly software based, but the reason is a little strange as they do not provide any information as to what “effective copyright protection measures are” and how that would effect their minor work on the camera.

The main file they are concerned about is “” which seems to be related to their AutoFocus technology which is provided in the devices. Although the binaries have been used without permission, the camera on the affected devices probably won’t work if built without this file. Getting permission too would require CyanogenMod/others paying DXO money they don’t have.  Also, the manufacturer will have effectively paid the royalties on the technology which requires firmware on a chip somewhere as well anyway.

The devices that seem to contain this file are (at least, they may be others):

  • HTC Ville
  • HTC Evita
  • Motorola Asanti

For now, there won’t be any difference to end users, however this could mean in the future (if workarounds are found) quality of photos could be reduced regarding focus.

Source: GitHub

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