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SwiftKey Flow beta continues to receive updates

SwiftKey are continuing to send out updates on their Flow development, as part of a major update. These updates come mostly from users, (myself included) sending feedback/requests to SwiftKey.

SK_FlowBelow you will see the latest press release from them. Included are two direct links to the latest versions for both Smartphones and Tablets, and a direct link to the VIP community which SwiftKey setup for the feedback.
Below is the press release from Evan Tapper, SwiftKey Community Manager

[pressrelease] Hi all,
The release of SwiftKey Flow as part of our next major SwiftKey update is getting closer and we’re excited to share an update to the beta that we believe is the best yet. We’ve listened to your feedback and added your top-requested features: you can now “flow” in pretty much every text field, and you can easily change or correct previously inputted words by tapping on them.
Download SwiftKey Flow Beta for smartphones:
Download SwiftKey Flow Beta for tablets:
These are direct download links – just tap the link on your phone or tablet and the application will begin to download. Remember that to get the application fully installed, you may need to click on it in your app drawer. You may also need to adjust the settings on your device to allow for the installation of non-Market applications.
Please come and leave us your feedback on the SwiftKey VIP Community at and be a part of making SwiftKey even better!
You can find a full list of changes and known issues on our blog at
Thank you very much for your participation,
Evan Tapper
SwiftKey Community Manager

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