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Lego Star Wars for ALL

Lego recently added to their list of Android apps with the inclusion of The Yoda Chronicles. The game lets players choose as an a apprentice of either Yoda, or if you prefer the dark side, Count Duku.  Sounds good right.  And now you want to download it.  Sadly you can’t, that is unless you happen to have an Xperia handset you can’t.  It’s not that it won’t run on your fancy S4 or HTC One, it will, but they are holding it back from you.  So, Land of Technology to the rescue.  We have the apk, and data file hosted on our servers just for you.  The app should download the data on first launch, but if not we have it for you anyway.  Links below.

Screenshot_2013-05-18-23-06-52 Screenshot_2013-05-19-20-03-33 Screenshot_2013-05-19-20-04-11 Screenshot_2013-05-19-20-04-20

The Game apk can be found here.

And the data file if needed.

Remember you must have unknown source checked to install the app.

It seems getting the data to download is a bit hit and miss in the game, but if you follow the below steps you should be playing the game in no time.

Step 1: Download the data file from above

Step 2: Create a folder on your sdcard (internal if you have a device with both) named “” in the /sdcard/Android/obb directory.

Step 3: Unzip the contents of the data file and place them in the directory that you created above

Step 4: Open the app and you’re good to go.

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  • xeod

    Not sure what feedback has been received however I can not get this app to open on my HTC One. It tells me that the download failed because I may not have purchased this app…. Where does one purchase and I never saw a folder of “obb” under Sdcardandroid

    • GetTheLOT

      Hey Xeod,

      Install and open the app, it should create the folders needed (mind to switch on Unknown sources) then when it creates it drop the unpack the ZIP into the SD card obb folder.

      If you get really stuck catch me on g-talk (

  • Jác Lindley

    Working on my Nexus 7 3G.