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HTC Logo on @HTC One Turns into Additional Button

One of the big design changes HTC brought to the their new flagship device, the One was a reduction to two control buttons.  Not everyone has taken to the changes and custom ROMs include a feature to make additional use of the back button to try and compensate.  It was also though that the digitiser on the device extended below the screen to cover the full glass area, and it turns out this is correct.  XDA kernel developer tbalden had released a kernel making use of the area the HTC logo takes up.


If you fancy installing the kernel just head over to tbalden’s thread on XDA or if you don’t have the HTC One yet but want it then check out our availability post.

UPDATE – The kernel is now available as a single flashable zip from recovery removing the need to use fastboot.  Be aware that if you are running a 1.29.401.12 ROM this kernel will bork your camera.
UPDATE 2 – There is now a camera fix avaiable on the thread.

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