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Chrome Beta For Android Updated, Adding Support For Chrome://flags With Experimental Features

Chrome for Android. We all wanted it and we all got it. Where is the continued improvements and experimental features like we see the desktop platform’s bigger brother? Well with the new Chrome Beta Google released we now have that too. Changes that will make their way into the stable version you can now test and see first with the beta. What’s new? Well, we now have Chrome://flags and access to some experimental settings including WebGL, a JavaScript API for rendering 3D and 2D graphics within the browser without the need for a plug-in.

Oh, plus some bug fixes and other bits we will detail as well.

Firstly, Chrome://flags

Simply open a new tab, and enter in the address bar, “Chrome://flags”. This will bring you up the experimental features and settings of the Chrome browser.

 Screenshot_2013-01-25-19-06-30  Screenshot_2013-01-25-19-06-38 Screenshot_2013-01-25-19-12-19

You can check out the Google Chrome Releases blog to see all the latest updates changelog and news here. To summarise here is the changes below.

  • 143146 – Support for chrome://flags!

Known Issues:

  • 169616 – Keyboard pops up after Chrome is closed
  • Issues with GMail and Google image search on Galaxy Note II
  • 170653 – Scroll position is reset momentarily when double-tapping in footer/gutter on some pages
  • Sometimes flickering and graphical glitches are observed while opening new tab
  • Frequent freeze on devices with specific versions of Qualcomm GPU driver
  • Text autosizing may break formatting on some sites
  • Video continues playing after exiting fullscreen on android phones
  • [HTC Droid DNA] Getting crash on tabswitcher mode
  • 163439 - page links are not working
  • 166233 – Cannot submit comments on facebook posts or pictures
  • 158633: Tap disambiguation overaggressive

Exactly the same as it’s desktop bigger brother, but on here only some of the features are accessible, still, that’s pretty neat for the first release. Google are slowly and surely bringing over more and more from the desktop version as was said would happen.

Below is the list of features you will see.

  • Override software rendering list
  • Disable accelerated 2D canvas
  • Disable deferred 2D canvas
  • Disable accelerated CSS animations
  • Composited render layer borders
  • FPS counter
  • GPU accelerated SVG filters
  • Enable WebGL
  • Disable Hyperlink Auditing
  • Show Autofill predictions
  • Enable tab favicon sync
  • Enable sync keystore encryption
  • HTTP Pipelining
  • Enable SPDY/3
  • Disable Media Source API on <video> Elements
  • Enable Experimental JavaScript
  • Disable better session restore
  • Disable 3D software rasterizer
  • Enable experimental WebKit features
  • Enable CSS shaders
  • Disable Website settings UI
  • Enable crashing on GPU hang
  • Enable performance monitoring
  • Enable new Autofill heuristics
  • Enable full history sync

Now, let’s not forget this is in it’s beta version of Chrome. Be careful and remember that any experimental feature could cause issues and system wobbles. Although, as many of you that read this will be happy tinkerers and like getting stuck into messing about in Android….Go fourth and play around with stuff!

Chrome Beta For Android – Play Store

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