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Bodhi Linux ported to the MK802 TV stick

Not long after their port to the Nexus 7 tablet, the team have been hard at work adding other ARM based devices to the line up.  This time it’s the MK802 Android TV USB stick that has received some Bodhi loving.  The images have been released publicly today and can be downloaded directly from the Bodhi site.

The image is to be considered very much an Alpha release with little outside of the wireless and OpenGL funtionality tested as yet.
The image is setup to work on a 1080p screen, meaning if your screen is only 720p you will need to change the script.bin file with the one found here.  Using a 3.0 kernel OpenGL support works by default, and include EFL 1.7.5 and E17 stable.
If you wish to help the team, please report any issues on the Bodhi Linux forum pages.

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