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New SD Card Bootloader for the GS3 and the Galaxy Camera

Some talented developers over on XDA developers have managed to port UBoot (a popular open-source bootloader) to the Galaxy S 3 and the Galaxy Camera which allows it to do some really clever things.


What does this mean for your device? Well it means custom ROMs will be easier and un-bricking devices be possible (although you will have to open the device up!). Well, your EMMC memory would still be bricked but you can boot from an SD card, which are cheap and easy to replace! It tears down 1 piece of the annoying Exynos puzzle Samsung have created for those who do not appreciate TouchWiz on their devices, despite promising to open-source it many many times.

For developers it means that they can actually debug the bootloader for issues on these and other Exynos-based devices and also when the code is released add their own crazy modifications to it.

However, there is a lot of work to be done. But thanks to the magic of UBoot, not only does this mean normal Android OS’s will boot, any OS that can boot from UBoot will work! (you could even write your own…. dare you try)

For more information see the thread on XDA

Source: XDA Portal.

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