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Plasma Active for Nexus 7

So, let’s see, we have Ubuntu for the N7, and just the other day we got Bodhi Linux for the N7, and now step forward Plasma Active.  That’s right, another Linux distro is boot nativey on the fantastic little tablet sent to us from Google.  My guess is it won’t be too long before all the major Linux distributions will have a Nexus 7 version, the way they all ran down the Netbook remix road 4 or so years ago.

So what exactly is Plasma Active?  To put it simply PA is designed specifically for tablets, the distro is based on mer.  I won’t get a chance to try the distro for myself until later, so I will instead link you to the developer’s Blog where you can find out a little more, and see the install instructions (Please note this distro install slightly different to Ubuntu or Bodhi).

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