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More Windows 8 Apps Starting to show

Some time ago, XDA brought us a tour through what XDA members and developers were doing on Windows 8. Since then however, Windows 8 has been officially released, as has Microsoft’s flagship tablet, the Microsoft Surface. Now, app devs have begun making applications for it.
XDA Forum Member hulkkii starts us off by porting an application that Android and WP7 users already have called CamSpeed. For those who don’t know, CamSpeed is a camera benchmark test that measures how fast and quick the camera is.

Here’s what CamSpeed measures:
– Focus Time. Time from focus call to successful focus event.
– Capture Start/Shutter Time. Time from capture call to the moment when the capture sequence has started.
– Capture Image/JPEG Available. Time from capture call to the moment when an image is available.
– Capture Completed. Time from capture call to the moment when the capture sequence is complete.

So if you’re looking to benchmark your Windows 8 device camera, this is how you’d do it.
XDA Senior Member and TV Producer lseidman has released an application called Health Center. This useful, if unusual, application allows users to search various prescription medication names for price comparisons. Essentially, it’s a pill search application. One never thinks they’d need an app like that until they actually need an app like that.
It’s almost certain that many, many more applications will start to surface as Windows 8 settles in, and more developers get their hands on it.
For more details, check out the CamSpeed thread or the Health Center thread.
CamSpeed for Win8, it’s also available for Android, iOS and for (MeeGo, No link sorry), but if you have the link please let us know.
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Thanks to PoorCollegeGuy (Joe Hindy)over at XDA

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