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[GIVEAWAY] 16GB White Samsung Galaxy SIII

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OK so we weren’t content with giving away just one Samsung Galaxy SIII so we have now teamed up with Waze, the social GPS app provider, to give you all the chance to win a White 16GB Samsung Galaxy SIII unlocked handset. You can read our Review of the app HERE


There are loads of ways for you to get your hands on this handset, simply follow the instructions below and remember that by Tweeting daily, you get yourself an additional entry.

The only mandatory thing you have to do is download the app, leave a rating and a comment starting with #waze on the Play store… simple eh?

Our normal Terms and Conditions apply to this giveaway and some extra ones that can be read below on the terms and conditions section of Rafflecopter.

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  • Alex Read

    Hopefully I will win this amazing competition!!

  • Hp Tan

    But i don’t have any Android smartphone…Does that mean i can’t join this competition… :(

    • Madhusanka Lakmal

      me too :(.. as they say, we need an android smart phone to enter this :(

      • Sabrina

        Once again “the rich get richer, the poor get poorer”

        • Jacob Crawley

          I understand your frustration, but really it’s the app developers giving away the phone, they’re just doing it through LoD. Seems fair enough to me.

          • Tal

            Maybe the one who’ll win will giveaway his old device :)

      • Kashif Ali Talpur

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    • Kashif Ali Talpur

       win free iphone 4s hurry up:

  • Daniel Devine

    This would be an awesome competition to win!

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Oh I can’t wait to get my hands on the Samsung III! And Waze can replace my GPS since my current phone is not big enough!

  • misterodd

    I’ve not really used many GPS apps ,Garmin mostly.
    Do these apps eat into your data allowance or because they are GPS based they won’t count (I would not like to guess how much data us transferred on a long journey )


  • misterodd

    I’ve not really used many GPS apps ,Garmin mostly.
    Do these apps eat into your data allowance or because they are GPS based they won’t count (I would not like to guess how much data us transferred on a long journey )


    • Rory Currin

      Nearly nothing, maybe a mb or 2. It’s really impressive. I use it all the time and it doesn’t eat my data at all.

  • Dave McDaniel

    Seriously doubt I stand a chance, but what the heck…

  • Madhusanka Lakmal

    done it.. I’m not one who has an android smart phone. but I asked for helps from one of my friends who has an android smart phone.because I want to participate this giveaway and try to downloaded the app and put comment with my name. and also app is used on that phone since now.. seems like that app is really good and awesome! :) other thing is, I was in previous giveaway which was for a galaxy S3. but unfortunately  I couldn’t win that time.. but It’s OK. now again I’m trying with my Effort!
    I love this smart phone alot and want to win and explore the world with this amazing smart phone! and if I will be lucky enough to be the lucky winner on this time, surely next time i will join giveaways on your site with a my own android smart phone..  and also this will be the my ever 1st smart phone in my life.. :) :)finally thanks a lot Land of Droid for making a giveaway once again for a Samsung Galaxy S3..

  • Danny Standen

    Entered the last competition, just hope my odds are better this time im in dire need of this phone as Jersey arent going to be stocking it soon enough for me and they’ll add a hefty markup to the price

  • Ben Lang

    Awesome giveaway, entered!

  • Vic

    This would make my day

  • Karlik


  • James Chin

    Waze is awesome!!! It has helped me so many times there was traffic!!

  • Ben_lucas

    I will win!

  • Kala

    I love waze!

  • Fabher78

    Ganar es siempre reconfortante!!!

  • Bjorn

    It would be very nice if I win this contest, then I can use Waze on an even better smartphone!

  • Susan Daley69

    #waze fun to travel with!

  • Marco Orizio

    Fantastico. Unico. Inimitabile!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gast

    #waze is so nice to use and if there are problems, you could correct it yourself.

  • Cole Dowden

    awesome giveaway. great promotion of a very useful app.

  • Teguh

    #waze go waze

  • Ludwin Piotr85

    I WIN!

  • Tiger3557

    Waze you rock. Thanks for the chance to win a galaxy S111

  • Bonnie

    #waze helped us around Memorial Day traffic

  • Tszmod

    #waze forca waze

  • Trader

    Android Update is also giving away something…. See 

  • Roman Savchuk

    Good app, good prize

  • Roman Savchuk

    #waze Good app, good prize

  • Alberto Zilaghe

    #waze Good app, for ever

  • Paulcdg15

    I do have a current android phone which is the samsung galaxy ace. It was locked into russia’s region when I bought it so I can do very limited things even with a 800mhz processor built into it. I entered every giveaway knowing i would lose but hopefully im lucky  this time and I hope I win.

  • Husain Soni

    @ John Mckenzie what ar the shipping zones for this giveaway?

  • Satish Kumar B


  • Spencer Peri Shulem

    Awesome thank you!

  • Kashif Ali Talpur

    every one can get free iphone 4s for free from this link:

  • Ricardo Faria

    I want this phone so much, you dont believe how much i want this phone…


  • Madhusanka Lakmal

    Samsung Galaxy S3… It’s a dream for me.. I love this phone alot! but if I won’t win this…. then everyday this phone is a dream for me :(
    I don’t have an android phone or any smart phone. but I just got a help from a friend of mine who has an android smart I have been keeping a lot of hopes to win this.. so just make me the winner.. ;)

  • M_bettati

    I have a sony ericsson and 1 year alter the warranty off course it broked…so I need a real #1 phone. The Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • murvai.attila

    i’ve never won anything…can’t afford an smartphone…even though i know everything about the galaxies 

  • Akash Mukherjee

    i didn;t own any phone so i deadly want this phone ….

    and samsung with android smartphone make sick of it ,.. i can die for it and reborn for it……

  • LaurensDeB

    Would really want to win the galaxy SIII, it’s the best phone on the planet.
    I’m hoping so much to win this device, I love it.


    I really can’t afford a new smartphone right now and I really want to unbox it and test S Voice.


  • Josh

    Well I wanted to do the mandatory requirement. But I have an iPhone… #fail

  • Anton Klein

    Did my commenting just now (as dadyo) (I’ve commented on every new version since about 2 years).

  • C Hammarskold

    Just want………

  • Jaime Cornejo

    this is a good way to promote this website … so cool

  • Zanchetta Elisa

    Done it!

  • Denes Geza


  • Siddharth Kothiyal